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tiki room tiki, palm tiki page 15 5/3
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Posted: 2004-02-17 2:42 pm   Permalink


I did some forum searches and found some good information about electric tiki torches (the links appear below), but I thought I'd do a step-by-step (a la Alnshely) so you can see how to do it and maybe try one yourself.

These are the tools I used. The 8' cord and the 2" socket I bought at Home Depot. The table tiki torch I picked up at Cost Plus. The bore bit is used to drill a hole in the bottom of the oil can in the tiki torch. Any drill bit will work but you want to keep in mind that metal dulls bits rather quickly (which is why I use this one specifically for making these lamps). You also want to make sure that the bit you use is larger than the diameter of the cord. You want enough space between the cord and the edge of the cut metal so it doesn't rub too much and remove the insulation on the cord. Not shown: epoxy.

After drilling the hole, it's time to thread the cord through from the bottom and out the opening of the oil can (if you're making a lamp out of a larger tiki torch simply knock the bamboo nodes out with a dowel or metal pipe and thread the cord through from the bottom. See links below for more information)
For information about correclty connecting the socket to the cord, look at the back of the package that the cord came in. There are step by step instructions. Just make sure the cord IS NOT plugged in while you are fooling with this.
The cardboard shield slides over the socket after you have connected it to the wire. Make sure to push it all the way down to connect the small hole in the cardboard shield with the small plastic bit in the socket.

Next, pull the socket into the can opening (being careful not to pull too hard, because it will slide into the can and that's a real pain). The opening will be just slightly larger than the diameter of the socket, so you may want to use a pair of needle nose pliers (not shown) to help position the socket. Once the socket is in position, take your handy Vice Grips and squeeze the sides of the oil can opening so that it presses against the socket. Don't squeeze so the socket breaks, just hard enough to keep the socket from moving with some light handling. Add a liberal amount of epoxy at the point where the cardboard and oil can opening meet. Put enough to create a connection all around the oil can and the cardboard. This will hold it in place tight enough for regular handling.
After the epoxy dries, touch up the cardboard and can opening with some black paint (I use a paint pen), add a flicker bulb and ENJOY!

Here are some links to other threads that deal with electrifying your tiki torches:
Bamboo Torch Lamps - Electrical Question

Looking for-electric flicker light tiki torches

For Chacha... pictures of my electric tiki torches...

Please let me know if I missed anything and feel free to ask questions (via post or email)

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