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Tiki Central Forums General Tiki The Honolulu - Closed - but still remembered
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The Honolulu - Closed - but still remembered
Tiki Centralite

Joined: Mar 29, 2005
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Posted: 2005-09-27 11:31 am   Permalink

Holy crap! I'm totally floored by those pics. That's one hell of a space. And seeing those murals back together with those tables is choking me up for some reason. That's just so cool.

I'm glad to see that a lot of the Honolulu's decorations have been kept together as a collection. During the auction days, it did sadden me to think of all of the pieces getting spread out all around the area. I worried about lone items losing their meaning years from now as memories faded or children inherited their parents' wacky stuff. I suspect that fate won't befall the stuff in the Honolulu 2 basement (?).

Now I know why within my circle of friends, only one of us managed to win a single bid; we were competing with some mucho serioso buying power.

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Joined: Dec 08, 2004
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From: DC Metro Area (MD)
Posted: 2005-09-28 12:12 pm   Permalink

Wow... that news floors me.

I had the outstanding good fortune to live 3 blocks away from the Honolulu for five years, and was there the Friday night of closing weekend. The small army of mugs in my kitchen cabinet attests to the many good times had there. Its closing was the springboard for me to venture out to see what other tiki is out in the world, and led me to the good people of this forum. And it also led me to the mug hunt which is quickly consuming the walls above our bar... but that's another story.

Seeing these pictures and finding out that the Honolulu lives on in more than our hearts is really refreshing...and inspiring. Part of me is curious about how to become part of the club, and part of me wants to remember it the way it was. It's an odd situation, and I'm envious of those who were able to create H2. Best wishes to them, and if they should ever want to host a TC gathering, I'd be willing to do anything to coordinate, host, attend such an endeavor!


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Joined: Apr 08, 2002
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From: The Lounge of the Seven Pleasures!
Posted: 2005-09-29 9:15 pm   Permalink

Seeing the recreation is positively spooky- far beyond a moment of deja vu, it's the feeling of walking over a grave or something- and yet, it also feels so very good- this is not a bad thing.

I know so many of the original Honolulu customers were more than just customers- they were friends of the Chans, so to see a phoenix like revised Honolulu 2 is sort of a combination of feelings; awe, wonder, and tears to the eyes- as it shows the depth of love the Chans and Honolulu inspired.

For those of you who never wandered the original, I have a few treasured pictures you can compare the new 2 to-

These were taken before most of the artifacts were removed-


This is the folder of the external Tiki pole removal with some external pix of the original, and some internal pix after everything was gutted-


And here's one last picture from our 'night of the seven pleasures' last summer here at our home bar taken with the Honolulu external poles-

I can't get over how well the owners of the new space conveyed the real feeling of the original! Mahalo for sharing these with us!

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Joined: Dec 08, 2004
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From: DC Metro Area (MD)
Posted: 2005-11-01 09:08 am   Permalink

More Honolulu II news here at David & Anna Chan's site:

If the news has updated, check the scrapbook page for more!


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Joined: Jul 27, 2002
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From: D.C. / Virginia
Posted: 2006-01-16 8:06 pm   Permalink

The following item was recently posted on the www.time2tiki.com website

Just a big pile of rocks...

If you didn't get a chance to drive by the former Honolulu Restaurant before the end of year...well it is too late. Before 2005 was over, VDOT finally bulldozed the building that 7-11 and Honolulu Restaurant once occupied. What do David and Anna say about it? Well, how can you explain jaw-dropping astonishment!!


Well, it was good while it lasted.
Ashes to ashes, mai-tais to dust


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Joined: Apr 09, 2003
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From: Victoria, BC
Posted: 2006-08-07 9:32 pm   Permalink

I couldn't find the thread for Honolulu, so I thought I'd post this picture here.

My brother and I having dinner (Dad taking the photo) at Honolulu in October of 2003

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Johnny Dollar
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Oct 01, 2003
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From: Columbus, Ohiya
Posted: 2011-02-18 05:34 am   Permalink

vern, do you still have the photos that were in that first post? would it be too much to ask you to repost them? i remember that they were quite beautiful.

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