Tiki Central Time: 04:49:48
tikiskip: Theirs also “SWAT” Starbucks with a Tiki. 15:26:58
tikiskip: Just coined a new phrase “chicie bar” that is a pretty tiki bar 15:24:50
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 14-Feb 1779 Death of Capt James Cook in Hawaii 14:06:42
lunavideogames: :) 15:10:22
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 12-Feb 1964 Charles McKirahan Sr dies, architect Mai Kai 07:46:53
tikiskip: We call that Hanging10. 10:57:28
MadDogMike: I don't generally pay any attention to the number of views on a post but Friday I wrote the number down. It says my post got 4,000+ views over the weekend, that seems a bit fishy. 10:40:32
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 11-Feb 1934 Tina Louise, Gilligan's "Ginger" born 08:37:38
whorton: I still visit TC. . .There is still great stuff here. I just wish the old pictures that had dropped off over the years were still available! 05:48:09
PockyTiki: had an unused giftcard from work. Got myself two carving knives and a package of basswood. Excited! 17:12:30
MadDogMike: TC is not dead, just running silent. I posted something this morning and it had 40 views in the first hour. Just no responses LOL 13:04:07
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 8-Feb 1961 Ports o' Call restaurant Long Beach opens 07:53:11
MadDogMike: LOL 07:52:50
tikiskip: Have you SEEN the king’s new clothes? Awesome! 06:57:01
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 7-Feb 1916 Steven Crane born, Luau and Kon Tiki restaurants 7-Feb 1953 Edgar Leeteg dies, black velvet artist 7-Feb National Pisco Sour Day 14:58:28
MadDogMike: LOL! 14:58:02
PockyTiki: Yes the Kowloon is very much open. Their web shop is also operational. Nothing says "Tiki" like a plush lobster with the name "Kowloon" embroidered on it. 12:51:50
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 6-Feb 1985 Steven Crane dies, Luau and Kon Tiki restaurants 6-Feb Waitangi Day - New Zealand 18:07:22
MadDogMike: It's still open isn't it Pocky? Don't wait! 18:07:06
PockyTiki: That reminds me that I've driven by the Kowloon probably six times in the past year and I never went in. It makes me sad. 18:04:25
Slacks Ferret: I finally made it to the Mai Kai everyone! Hooray for that! 14:34:21
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 5-Feb 1908 Moon Lueg born, Moon Islander and Moon Garden restaurants 09:06:08
tikiskip: TIKI LITE.a type of light bar with relatively few tiki. 10:06:06
PockyTiki: Thanks Mike. Glad to be back. Lots of fun new stuff to look at! 09:44:41
Johnny Dollar: TIKI 06:14:02
MadDogMike: Welcome back Pocky 21:05:41
PockyTiki: Ghosted the forums for years....and now I'm back? huh. 08:34:12
RevBambooBen: Super Ting Tong Tiki Bar coming to Long Beach!! 11:36:05
RevBambooBen: TIKI TIKI!!! 11:35:32
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 2-Feb 1917 Eldon Davis born, architect of Tahitian Village, Kona Kai, Humphrey's 08:50:53