Tiki Central Time: 12:02:08
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 22-Sep 1972 Brady Bunch "Cursed Tiki" episode first airs 14:22:16
MadDogMike: And the Hoover was good too LOL 13:14:16
AceExplorer: Thanks, Mike. I got the tagline from Tiki Bob Brooks, lol! He posted it to Facebook and I almost fell off my chair. 09:01:52
MadDogMike: Nice looking drink Ace, love that tagline too LOL 08:43:40
MadDogMike: Yes, Ace is Right On This Day in Tiki History - National Rum Punch Day Also On This Day in Tiki History - 20-Sep 1968 First “Hawaii Five-O” episode airs 08:43:11
AceExplorer: Hey Mike! And tomorrow is National Rum Punch Day. Just finished a little graphic to commemorate the event, look for it tomorrow. 10:50:08
MadDogMike: Aye! On This Day in Tiki History - It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! 08:56:39
MadDogMike: Ace! We are hanging out, good to hear from you. On This Day in Tiki History - 18-Sep 1945 Tonga Room opens 18-Sep 2009 First Luau at the Lake - Lake George NY 08:20:10
AceExplorer: Most remained connected to the web and ensured that these forums remained more popular than ever. Decline? What decline? 14:17:53
AceExplorer: Hurricane Florence finally eased up after dropping tons of rain on the Carolinas and forcing tikiphiles to stay home and drink. 14:02:07
AceExplorer: 118 users currently browsing the forums. 14:01:23
AceExplorer: Thought I'd drop in for a moment.... You guys doing alright? 13:59:49
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 16-Sep 1975 Papua New Guinea Independence Day 13:52:50
MadDogMike: GROGGER!!!! 13:52:28
GROG: Thanks for the post on my heart journal MDM. 09:56:18
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 13-Sep 1922 Yma Sumac born, Queen of Exotica 08:49:52
MadDogMike: Rule #6 from "The House of God", landmark satire of a physician's internship year. 08:48:52
tikiskip: Plus I don't know if you have seen some of the hubba bubbas we got here in Ohio. 05:15:36
tikiskip: That sounds like a triple xxx movie title Mike. 05:12:55
hiltiki: oh, ok 23:21:24
MadDogMike: There's no body cavity that can't be reached with a 14 gauge needle and a good, strong arm 10:53:13
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History -0 12-Sep 1981 Eli Hedley dies, Tiki carver and beachcomber 07:12:54
OceaOtica: GROGGYERNIE!! Cheers! MDM! Keepin shout thriving!! Cheers bud!! 12:22:32
GROG: CassOtica!! 00:21:18
MadDogMike: Cass!!!! 11:23:56
OceaOtica: cheers! MDM 16:43:48
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 4-Sep 2012 Wayne Coombs dies, Tiki artist and Mai Tiki gallery owner 4-Sep National Macadamia Nut Day 09:38:40
RevBambooBen: ZOMBIE VILLAGE SF!!! 09:07:39
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 2-Sep World Coconut Day 2-Sep 2005 Bob Denver "Gilligan" dies 06:22:53
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 30-Aug Trader Vic's Mai Tai Day 22:00:10