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Tiki Central Time: 12:37:40
hang10tiki: General Tiki. Hawaii 5-0. Just updated. Enjoy. 09:56:12
HopeChest: @kkocka - hard to make it in person but I never miss an Earthquakes match. 09:21:19
tikiskip: Meme parade 14:34:46
GROG: Plastic pants with mustard for going out at night. 14:01:38
GROG: Paper pants, covered in ketchup. 14:00:28
lucas vigor: Pants, definitely. 12:15:17
RevBambooBen: Pants or Mustard? 10:38:59
tikiskip: Kahiki had a drink like that it was called the Codeine cooler. At the Mai Kai it was the Robitussins revenge. 09:10:56
kkocka: @Hopechest - I hope you support MLS as strongly 00:17:00
Heath: paper or plastic? 21:02:44
Heath: ketchup or mustard? 21:02:33
lucas vigor: 14:15:20
lucas vigor: especially when they are part of a cocktail. 2 parts 7-up. 1 part promethazine with codeine, drop in 1 grape jolly rancher. My go-to tiki drank. 13:57:49
tikiskip: Yes, life can suck, the ads say. But Jolly Rancher candy can make those suckier moments a little less sucky. 13:48:30
lucas vigor: Suck it 11:59:59
RevBambooBen: Who's taking bets on Lucas Vigors new TC retirement? 11:22:29
HopeChest: English football on the West Coast = Mai tais at 4a. This is nothing but a good thing. 09:07:47
lucas vigor: Boerenlul. Stront hoofd. 07:56:50
RevBambooBen: and Buzzy too!!!! 19:40:34
RevBambooBen: Lucas Vigor is funny! 19:40:24
tikiskip: zich beklagen 19:22:22
tikiskip: kutwijf, Dutch? 19:17:05
Atomic Tiki Punk: So begins the pussifaction of Tiki Central. 18:39:02
RevBambooBen: Ha El Jefe! Actually Tiki Farm sold em all. I had a few but gifted most of them to family. Thanks for playing! 18:06:16
tikiskip: Hi “wa” 17:52:51
Atomic Tiki Punk: Bosco! 14:00:35
tikiskip: HERSHEY'S? 13:08:08
woofmutt: Anyone know any really filth Dutch swear words? 12:50:44
lunavideogames: Arriano you are always on the news. You must be the official spokesman. Thanks for fixing our issues :) 11:06:35
tikiskip: Dam, how long can a blind caveman Survive? 10:42:16