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Tiki Central Time: 19:12:44
RevBambooBen: TIKI TIKI!!! 20:39:16
Zeta: Zzzzz 06:32:46
tikiskip: Susanna Hoffs - Feel Like Making Love - Live 1991 you tube. 16:33:58
Or Got Rum?: "All the bazaar men by the Nile They got the money on a bet..." 08:02:33
tikiskip: "Then I come out with whip" 04:13:07
tikiskip: "Yeah, you choke the staff. Yeah, ok... whatever." 04:12:18
RevBambooBen: 20:44:16
hiltiki: What MDM said plus a shot of Zeta. 19:50:27
MadDogMike: I guess we just need a little controversy to stir this site up a bit? 18:41:20
Traderpup: my husband is famous 16:56:22
Zeta: Jajaja excuse me princess! 06:46:32
tikiskip: That is Spanish Bon vivant talk Jen. 05:03:57
JenTiki: Creep much? 23:19:01
Zeta: Hola JenTiki, what are you wearing right now? 21:35:05
MadDogMike: All: "Hi JenTiki" 14:57:10
JenTiki: correction: coconut cradler 13:46:51
JenTiki: Hi, I'm JenTiki, and I'm a coconut cuddler. 13:46:15
tikiskip: Needful Things trailer announcer 04:17:45
Zeta: Rick and Morty? 21:00:24
tikiskip: “Our population has just increased by one” 18:22:06
tikiskip: “Do you want to drive or are you going to shoot?” best wedding vows EVER! 15:09:22
RevBambooBen: TiKi TiKi!!! 14:22:53
MadDogMike: Zeta, LLT is alive and kicking. I saw him at Oasis and he's just as crazy as ever!!! 13:39:59
Or Got Rum?: Yma Sumac's 94th Birthday... 07:55:36
Zeta: Jajaja maybe a brain transplant toó! 02:37:14
GROG: :D 23:21:36
GROG: He had a sex change operation. 23:21:23
hiltiki: I would say this is major drama, it's been a while. 22:28:09
Zeta: What happened with little lost tiki? 19:42:13
MadDogMike: Hey Grand Members, now is the time to get your favorite thread into "Cool and Current". One vote on my gallery thread moved it to 4th place so your thread could be in 4th with just 2 votes. Maybe a couple more could get you to 3rd? ;) 16:09:22