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Tiki Central Time: 03:43:17
wizzard419: Needs more whores and keel haulin' 20:23:17
tikicoma: Arrrr!!! 15:14:49
Thurston Howell IV: No, I didn't get my decal 23:06:15
VampiressRN: I don't want to put my decal on my car as I may sell it in another I was thinking that maybe I need to frame some decals...hmmmm 21:32:00
Atomic Tiki Punk: I am enjoying the Pre-Happy Hour, it's an extra 15% off. 14:24:01
MadDogMike: SHOUT! Happy Hour at 4:20 every day? 11:17:44
Sophista-tiki: so much silliness all at once 10:22:56
Sophista-tiki: maybe we should arrange for a shout happy hour like we uysed to do. 10:22:42
MadDogMike: Not your fault Dawn, not much coversation in SHOUT! these days :( 09:11:12
Sophista-tiki: as you were 09:09:40
Sophista-tiki: I didn't realize my question would be a conversation stopper. 09:09:31
Sophista-tiki: anybody get their sophista-tiki decals in the mail yet? Im dying to see pics. 09:47:40
Bruddah Bear: Lance! I guess you could say I've been cybernating. 22:27:19
Atomic Tiki Punk: Where you been hiding? 18:06:03
Atomic Tiki Punk: Bear! 18:05:46
Bruddah Bear: Howzit?! 17:55:25
Atomic Tiki Punk: Ben! 17:16:16
VampiressRN: I'm enjoying the renegade Tiki carvings to dead palms by Al and Jeff...keeping it real!!! 16:17:57
RevBambooBen: What's new Tiki Freaks??! 20:48:56
GROG: spam reported 11:08:07
Greg_D_R: The Cramps knew this cure, but they got it from Macy Skipper: 10:19:20
GROG: This is one form of treatment, but not really recommended by doctors... 11:55:14
wizzard419: Which, when left untreated, leads to... 22:15:51
Atomic Tiki Punk: That's the stuff, Ernie! 22:02:06
GROG: 21:57:39
wizzard419: If you would have gloved up first you wouldn't have a fever. 18:31:31
Atomic Tiki Punk: FEVER! 16:04:23
Zinctiki: Julie baby you're my flame - she was an available 16. Now give us fever. 15:01:40
wizzard419: Holy shit, no he was about 30 and she was about 10... 14:02:16
wizzard419: Wasn't she like 12 or something at the time? 09:41:53