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Tiki Central Time: 23:57:52
JenTiki: It makes an extra spicy syrup that way. Also, I usually do a 3:2 sugar/water ratio. Bring syrup to boil, add ginger, simmer for an hour, remove from heat, refrigerate after it cools, then strain and bottle the next day. 13:20:38
JenTiki: MDM - I usually let the ginger bond with the water and sugar for 24 hours before removing it. I also pulverize it, rather than just slicing it. 13:19:10
Dustycajun: MDM, Come to Mojave - you can rent a trailer for two! 12:30:55
MadDogMike: Tried to make some ginger syrup last night but it was a bust. cup of water, cup of brown sugar, and a whole sliced ginger root. The heat must have taken the fire out of the ginger? About as mild as gingerbread ;( 09:37:28
hottiki: voteing yes on the Koloa Coconut Rum...around 35 bucks a bottle...maybe that's why so many people don't know how good it is !! 14:14:43
Hakalugi: CRABS!!! 13:19:57
kkocka: Ironically crowned Bacardi Coconut the champion (until they tried Koloa Coconut) 10:40:15
JenTiki: I like the Cruzan Coconut 09:10:53
MadDogMike: Thanks, lesson learned 20:24:43
bamalamalu: Seconded - get the Koloa! 20:12:39
kkocka: It's in Koloa Coconut. I suggest never buying another brand of coconut rum again. Ever. EVER! 19:37:29
MadDogMike: I bought some Bacardi Coconut for a baking recipe. I might as well have been coconut vodka, where's the rum flavor? 09:31:24
MadDogMike: Prob not Dr Z :( My little trailer isn't big enough for 2 and I haven't replaced it yet. Would love to all y'all. 09:19:17
JenTiki: GROG! 08:59:25
Doctor Z: Hey MDM - will we see you at Mojave this year? 23:52:08
GROG: Paipo!!!! 23:12:09
GROG: Yep. 23:11:25
MadDogMike: DC? Dr. Z? LLT? Did someone set the clock backwards 5 years? 21:20:41
tikicoma: I am the King of TikiCentral! 16:07:33
Atomic Tiki Punk: Doctor Z introduced me to it also, Not my cup of rum, though. 13:36:25
JenTiki: Especially in a Chartreuse Swizzle or Last Word 12:34:25
JenTiki: Oh, I LOVE Chartreuse! 12:34:01
Doctor Z: Yep, it's QUITE deceiving in that respect, much moreso that anything else (except maybe Chartreuse... blecch...) 12:28:26
JenTiki: I would drink it if it tasted anything like it smells, but the butterscotchy aroma is greatly misleading! 12:27:10
Doctor Z: I serve it as a shot to any/all who dare! 12:26:35
Doctor Z: At Mojave, Babalu serves it as a float on his version of my version of Beachbum Berry's version of the Chief Lapu Lapu. Used sparingly, it's a fine mixer. 12:25:50
Doctor Z: Did somebody say STROH??? 12:23:28
Dustycajun: You put it in drinks? Dr. Z always serves it in a shot glass. 12:07:07
kkocka: I know neither when nor where to use it. So few drinks call for it that at the most I'd buy lil 2oz bottles 11:11:26
AceExplorer: Or, let me rephrase that, when you learn when and where to use it. I used to hate it, but then through drinks at Frankie's Tiki Room came to appreciate it. 08:49:38