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Tiki Central Time: 06:54:34
AceExplorer: Cooler here in north Florida... Chilly at night. Still in shorts and t-shirt yesterday though! :p 05:37:49
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 14-Nov 1924 William Krisel born, Mid-Century Modern Architect 12:34:09
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 12-Nov 2016 New Clifton's Pacific Seas opens 10:09:18
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 11-Nov 1902 Webley Edwards born, host of "Hawaii Calls" 07:50:50
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 10-Nov 1924 Russell Johns born, Gilligan's "Professor" 06:18:19
tikiskip: We do have a Thanksgive and Xmas vibe going with this weather and the leaves though. 13:11:37
tikicoma: It's only 39 degrees in Tacoma WA so far today. 13:04:55
tikiskip: 42 Ohio sucks degrees. 12:58:52
RevBambooBen: TIKI TIKI!!! 11:10:20
MadDogMike: Gonna be chilly here today Frank, only 78! 10:32:55
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 9-Nov 1909 Ray Buhen born, master mixologist Don the Beachcomber's, The Tropics, Luau, Tiki Ti 10:32:00
MadDogMike: Yesterday in Tiki History - 8-Nov 1935 Mutiny on the Bounty movie released 10:31:11
AceExplorer: On this day in current history - it's forecast to be 84 degrees in northeast Florida tomorrow. 19:29:31
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 7-Nov 1894 Don Blanding born, artist and founder of Lei Day 7-Nov 2016 The Grass Skirt San Diego opens 06:44:38
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 6-Nov 1956 Kon Tiki Palm Springs opens 07:26:43
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 5-Nov 1900 Natalie Schafer, Gilligan's "Mrs Howell" born 08:55:28
tikiskip: Now we need rum butter! Then you could have hot buttered rum raisin toast. 04:39:10
tikiskip: What if you made cookies with cookie butter in them? 04:37:33
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 1-Nov 2008 Yma Sumac dies, Queen of Exotica 19:07:45
MadDogMike: SPECULOOS!!!! 19:05:40
hiltiki: heh 19:29:15
PalmtreePat: Not to mention speculoos. Which is cookie butter. COOKIE BUTTER. SOMEONE DECIDED TO TAKE COOKIES AND TURN THEM INTO A SPREADABLE PASTE. If you really want to start your day off right, forget about putting butter or jam on your toast, just smear some pulverized cookies all over it. 17:25:49
PalmtreePat: Not to mention the fact that they have a generic store-branded knockoff of every cookie known to man for half the price 17:24:28
PalmtreePat: "Here, we took all the work out of frying up a big old slab of lard with a few streaks of meat in it. Just pop the package open and turn your arteries into little choloesterol tubes!" 17:23:23
PalmtreePat: nor is the ready-to-eat pork belly 17:22:38
PalmtreePat: Peanut butter cups sold by the bucket ain't doing your waistline or your life expectancy any favors 17:22:10
PalmtreePat: I don't know if I'd call TJ's "healthy" man... 17:21:47
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 31-Oct 1903 Eli Hedley born, Tiki carver and beachcomber, grandfather of Bamboo Ben 12:23:24
MadDogMike: LOL! 12:22:11
tikiskip: If you want to freak them out ask for the extra gluten bread aisle. You could kill half of the people in that store with a loaf of bread. 10:34:12