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Tiki Central Time: 22:55:51
tikiskip: Wait! is this candid camera? Punked? 11:50:30
tikiskip: I have officially heard it all! 11:48:23
tikiskip: "It's about my dream tiki-themed sports bar with a focus on NBA and College basketball" 11:47:14
Atomic Tiki Punk: That I am right! 01:51:15
little lost tiki: we shall see.... 21:54:22
Atomic Tiki Punk: I grant you Archer is funny, but I shall still crush you with super science, go team Venture! 21:49:02
little lost tiki: Archer has more belly laughs per episode than venture brothers by a landslide.... lately,at least....I'm a season behind.... 21:30:29
little lost tiki: P-shaw! i got art to dealing with CHILDREN tonight! 21:29:31
Atomic Tiki Punk: Your going to pay for that Kinny...I declare an EMBARGO! Master Blaster run bartertown. 21:25:18
little lost tiki: Archer BLOWS Venture Bros out of the Water knows it! 21:19:57
Atomic Tiki Punk: Last season was a mixed bag, but word on tonight's special is pee your self funny. 19:23:19
kkocka: ATP - I never watched last season although its still DVR'd. Still worth watching huh? I was sorta losing interest. Would love a good voucher 18:45:46
Atomic Tiki Punk: New Venture Brothers on tonight 12am PST 18:26:51
MadDogMike: TC quote from 2010 "ok, Im am totaalll,y into irt! Deszpieyt hr fatc that I am all jacked up on southrn conformt andf sooda, wihy a twist ofg lime. Freakinbg, esiy tioll tom otrrtow bns I wilklk do you proud!!! Rockaroll wuith a semaphore ofmm big b=valre.,vsm im callling> M7y addr43w ukk i e int a P m rtro uou, ok? " 18:07:23
Atomic Tiki Punk: Fire it up! 14:26:15
Hakalugi: Stuff like that really shouldn't be allowed to exist. I'm tempted to buy it just so I can toss it in a bonfire. 13:30:15
Atomic Tiki Punk: Party City exploded all over that ! 11:03:32
RevBambooBen: ATP! Shouldn't this be 666.00 ?? 08:42:07
Atomic Tiki Punk: are you? 22:40:46
RevBambooBen: [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] 20:46:33
RevBambooBen: Aloha Tiki Freaks!!! 20:42:41
danlovestikis: MDM another masterpiece 21:24:24
ErichTroudt: If anyone has a membership to "worthpoint" can you PM me please? I need a favor... Thanks 18:11:07
MadDogMike: What day is it? HUMPDAY!!!! 14:56:13
MadDogMike: XXXXXXXX.XXX 14:55:57
MadDogMike: XXXXXXXXXXX 14:55:46
MadDogMike: XXXXXXXXXXX 14:55:34
MadDogMike: XXXXXXXXXXX 14:55:24
MadDogMike: XXXXXXXXXXX 14:55:14
MadDogMike: XXXXXXXXX.XX 14:55:04