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Tiki Central Time: 20:36:36
hiltiki: Mike, I use to get Tofutti products like cheese and cream cheese etc. 09:24:25
MadDogMike: Remember IMO, the fake sour cream? Has anyone seen it lately? My mom has problems with dairy and is looking for some 00:43:47
MadDogMike: When I grow up I want to be a banker that works with little furry animals. Like a hedgehog fund manager. 06:34:32
MadDogMike: OK Ben, just trying to keep you out of trouble ;) 06:33:33
tikiskip: "Never get out of the boat. Absolutely go$&amn right" 08:36:04
RevBambooBen: MDM! They cut it in 1/2 to get it up there during the remodel of Clifton's a few years ago. It's all put back together like you could motor out of the joint! But, who would want to do that when they serve drinks and sushi from it ?!! :) 22:05:17
MadDogMike: Ben, are you going to get hate mail and death threats from boat lovers for cutting up a vintage Chris Craft? LOL 10:13:20
MadDogMike: Sweet! 09:41:01
RevBambooBen: Yup! 21:03:29
MadDogMike: Nice! Mohagany? 14:53:17
RevBambooBen: MDM! Wait till Pacific Seas opens in DTLA...there's a custom chris craft jetting out of the bar that will be serving you! 23:17:48
tikiskip: The white orange juice is the best but it is hard to find. 17:06:41
MadDogMike: TANG! It's even Tiki - short for Tangaroa LOL 11:34:55
kkocka: Tang 10:19:49
hang10tiki: OJ Classic 06:08:05
MadDogMike: I was going to custom craft some Screwdrive cocktails tonight. Do you recommend Sunny Delight or Orange Crush? Jon? 21:41:40
MadDogMike: BEN!!!! 21:39:55
hang10tiki: Season 9 added Hawaii 5-0 General Tiki :-) 14:43:30
RevBambooBen: NICE SEEING YOU TODAY MDM!!! 20:36:06
MadDogMike: LOL 09:56:49
tikiskip: I hear there will be a star wars version of these LED glasses. But the Star wars version may not be thought of as a true fine crafted cocktail LED glass. 05:46:17
tikiskip: Years from now people will collect fine crafted cocktail LED glasses. And there will be a forum just for these glasses, and where to find them and how to make them. People will make knock offs of these mugs and sell all kinds of variations of the LED fine cocktail glass. BUY them now while they are cheap! The wave is coming!! 05:43:21
MadDogMike: Heard on the radio - "Enjoy one of our fine crafted cocktails and you can keep the custom LED glass" - I'm thinking a fine crafted cocktail doesn't belong in a LED glass LOL 18:14:41
Mai Tai: Kinny!!! Howzit? No, I did not go to Tiki Caliente this year. 23:12:26
RevBambooBen: Yes JenTiki 21:19:14
RevBambooBen: MAhlos! MDM. More soon. 21:18:56
MadDogMike: Reverend Ben!!! I like the new work you're doin! 13:18:26
JenTiki: That's the one. Interesting ... 09:59:51
RevBambooBen: MDM!!! 09:53:23
MadDogMike: PNG? 09:52:33