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Tiki Central Time: 06:24:23
MadDogMike: "the size of a small Sea Turtle" LOL 12:30:04
RevBambooBen: Mike and Marie: Too funny. We were in a mad rush. Next time we'll hang out a lil longer. 09:02:46
mike and marie: Bamboo Ben that day we saw you at OA, Bob was just showing us some of the photos in their books and we pointed you out in a picture and Bob looks up and says "Hey, there he is!" 17:51:15
RevBambooBen: page 4 1/2 way down.... 17:47:26
RevBambooBen: 17:47:10
MadDogMike: Skip & Ben, thanks. I'll check with Chris & Al LOL 07:49:17
RevBambooBen: MDM, ask Soccer Tiki or Crazy Al the story of the Carpenter Bee and the OC Beach Burn. 09:07:54
tikiskip: Mike if the bee left a hole you need to plug the hole or other bees may come back. You may even have some bee larva still in those holes, I have lots of trouble with these things. They will shred some wood quick! And come back year after year. 02:37:48
MadDogMike: Thanks Luna. I sprayed him with Raid a couple of weeks ago and haven't seen him again. Kinda sad, I liked him :( But I can't have him eating my tiki. Maybe if another shows up I can trap and relote it. 22:33:07
lunavideogames: MDM - They sell carpenter bee traps on ebay. 19:34:24
MadDogMike: When I was 17, now that was a very good year! 21:17:15
hiltiki: Most excellent year. 14:39:05
Unga Bunga: Yes it was. 09:17:38
Johnny Dollar: painted ape mug for sale! woohoo 2004 was a good year. 08:16:15
tikicoma: Martin this Cokes for you! 00:06:10
tikicoma: Does anyone know what Denny drank? I would't mind raising a glass to him tonight. 15:52:32
tikicoma: Happy birthday Martin Denny. 15:50:21
MadDogMike: Yes, HHH, we still SHOUT! ;) 20:41:55
RevBambooBen: Ohio Tiki Freaks that were at Oceanic Arts yesterday, sorry we didn't have time to chat but nice seeing you for 2 secs. 09:02:33
kkocka: At Trader Sam's Grog Grotto they never stop 01:18:13
Hiphipahula: Omg people still shout? 00:29:29
Phillip Roberts: Spammer SharonWinters Shame on you. 23:09:00
RevBambooBen: GORG!!!! 23:40:59
Phillip Roberts: Heh 17:03:09
MadDogMike: GROG!!!! 06:10:04
GROG: Today is Bamboo Ben's favorite day to post something on TC. 00:26:22
MadDogMike: WTH - I've got carpenter bees digging tunnels in my 40 year old Tiki! 20:55:06
JenTiki: Spamalert! 08:51:04
kingstiedye: ernie menehune r.i.p. 09:12:21
JenTiki: It makes an extra spicy syrup that way. Also, I usually do a 3:2 sugar/water ratio. Bring syrup to boil, add ginger, simmer for an hour, remove from heat, refrigerate after it cools, then strain and bottle the next day. 13:20:38