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Tiki Central Time: 07:56:02
Atomic Tiki Punk: Also, Holst- The Planets, are two of my favorites Kinster. 23:30:23
Atomic Tiki Punk: Symphony No. 9 (Beethoven) - ‎Ode to Joy 23:28:58
MadDogMike: Yeah, I didn't get my Kinny fix at Mojave or Oasis this year :( 22:51:58
little lost tiki: i see what you did there! funny man! Missyou Bubs! 22:10:52
MadDogMike: I have shown her your stuff online, it's just some much better in person with the scent of "inspiration" hanging heavy in the air LOL 22:07:55
little lost tiki: Very nice! Would love to chitchat with you both! Send her here-I've been doing step-by-steps with the 6x4 footer and 3 x 5 footer here! 21:45:49
MadDogMike: LOL I'm just jerkin your chain! I know I am always welcome, just don't make it to your neck of the woods much. Need to bring the wifey up to see it sometime. She is a painter of sorts and would be AMAZED by your work 21:34:20
little lost tiki: Sorry mikey! You are WELCOME anytime there.... I'm multi-tasking! did the website blog last night and tonight i'm posting a piece here after a loooong time of neglect! 21:25:40
MadDogMike: I was just kidding about the studio invite Kinny, I didn't mean to scare you away :( 21:19:30
MadDogMike: (chirp...chirp...) 21:18:55
MadDogMike: ;) 21:08:48
little lost tiki: that was a REALLY bad joke earlier.... 21:08:30
MadDogMike: Yes indeed Kinny. How the Hell are ya? When are you going to invite me to your studio again? 21:08:26
little lost tiki: i ilike a little Mungo jerry with my Mozart.... 21:07:46
little lost tiki: How Ah Ya, Mr. weddingbliss mike? 21:07:11
little lost tiki: Ween... 21:06:25
MadDogMike: I like a little Rock with my Classic - Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Foreigner, Great White... 21:04:28
MadDogMike: Actually I think Smith and Wesson are DECOMPOSING now! 21:03:31
little lost tiki: and what's with Smith and Wesson? did they compose? 20:32:32
little lost tiki: what EXACTLY does that mean? i think BACH would rock it better,because it rhymes with cock... Nothing rhymes with beethoven! 20:32:01
wizzard419: As they say, Beethoven has more cock than Smith and Wesson. 20:30:23
little lost tiki: Always dug Beethoven's Symphony 7 Allegretto and of course,his Moonlight Sonata... What's your favey,lanceyboy? 20:23:21
little lost tiki: or how about Johann Sebastion's "Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor"? What Awesome Mystery! What tremendous Thunder and delicate heavy tones that still float despite their aural weight....Like an intrepid explorer floating in space,huh Lancey? 20:20:58
Atomic Tiki Punk: a bit of the old Ludwig van, me Brother... 20:20:32
little lost tiki: Because nothing quite Satisfies as well as Bach's organ classic "Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland"....or the Supreme contralto and longing violin of his " Erbarme dich, mein Gott " hidden within his majestic "St. Matthew's passion" Wouldn't you agree?it doth kicketh ass! 20:07:38
little lost tiki: any Bach,Albinoni,or Faure fans out there?Been SO geeking out on Classical lately.... 19:35:13
little lost tiki: i says WASSUP OHANA? 19:19:22
little lost tiki: 'SUP Ohana? 19:14:44
wizzard419: Yeah, I am pretty sure he has been elbow deep in a few things here. 12:33:17
Atomic Tiki Punk: NOOOO! 22:34:11