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Tiki Central Time: 14:02:55
Hakalugi: JohnnyP! Just to let you know, the Slit Gong is still commanding much respect. Endless thanks to you! 12:03:50
Don The Beachcomber: Mai Tai kisses 11:29:57
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 20-May 1959 Lanai restaurant San Mateo opens 08:44:19
RevBambooBen: Tiki Tiki!! 21:00:43
JohnnyP: Aloha all! 17:16:12
Johnny Dollar: aloha, Hanford! nice to see you around :D 09:46:11
MadDogMike: Thanks Hanford :D 08:42:34
Or Got Rum?: Thanks for keeping the lights on...I appreciate it! 08:37:48
hanford_lemoore: My deepest apologies for not paying my share of the fees to keep TC alive. As soon as I heard it was down I paid up and got it running. It wasn't that I was short on cash, it was more of a "didn't see it coming" type thing. 16:48:22
Don The Beachcomber: Alohaaa 14:42:39
MadDogMike: And we're back! 14:57:33
RevBambooBen: All sorts of Tiki Drama going on over on Face Book these days! 08:36:23
tikicoma: Holy crap! The mysterious Mr Pupu Pants made an appearance! 02:58:49
MadDogMike: Cammo, three day's worth of partying is too much for my liver LOL I usually try to stop by on Saturday for a few hours and say hello to everyone I can find 11:35:24
Cammo: Hey MadDog - Are you going to Tiki Oasis? Got a ticket/room??? 11:25:28
RevBambooBen: Tiki Tiki! 19:52:20
lunavideogames: Next time Mike :) 16:43:35
MadDogMike: Wish I could make it Treg :( 14:50:28
lunavideogames: Tiki Trader SD this Saturday at Bali Hai!!! 14:45:17
MadDogMike: [CRÉOLE SHRUBB]Orange[/CRÉOLE SHRUBB] LOL 10:52:24
MadDogMike: Good one Hilda! [cointreau]Orange[/cointreau] 10:49:35
hiltiki: [curacao]OJ[/curacao] 10:30:48
MadDogMike: [persimmon]Orange[/persimmon] 07:38:44
MadDogMike: [pumpkin]Orange[/pumpkin] 07:38:13
MadDogMike: [carrot]Orange[/carrot] 07:37:01
MadDogMike: [orange]Orange[/orange] 07:36:32
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 9-May 2008 First Tiki Caliente Palm Springs 07:36:10
MadDogMike: On This Day in Tiki History - 9-May 1930 Leland Henry born, Kahiki 07:35:15
MadDogMike: The Buna-Gona Enlisted Men's Club 07:31:41
MadDogMike: So I did a search and didn't find any quonset hut Tiki bars. I'd like to see a nice WWII era quonset hut in a jungled back yard full of Papua New Guinea artifacts. M*A*S*H meets Battle of Buna-Gona 22:04:48