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Tiki Central Time: 03:58:45
RevBambooBen: Buzzy! Where's that post you sent me? 23:24:21
tikiskip: I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy... 07:01:16
MadDogMike: ZETA!!!??? 18:51:04
tikiskip: I told you the spirits were about to speak. 03:13:07
tikicoma: Zeta and Sabu posting this weekend! Is the world turned upside-down? 00:52:32
DixonAlibi: Have fun at TikiO everyone! Maybe next year I can sneak down for a day! 21:26:36
tikiskip: Eenie meenie chili beanie, the spirits are about to speak. 05:00:32
Tiki Roa: Ito is an eating boy! 17:46:31
JenTiki: Holy crap! Unga Bunga Lives!!! 13:26:38
Tiki Roa: Also just remembered Aug 16 is also the day we lost the King back in 1977-a Tuesday also! RIP Elvis! 13:10:46
Tiki Roa: National Rum Day Today! Cheers to my fellow Tiki brothers and sisters! Mai Tais tonight! Woo Hoo! 13:02:40
Unga Bunga: Flabujah ! 12:16:52
the_devils_tool: I only lurk when I'm not posting something. ;-) 08:50:43
hang10tiki: It's a far away place full of Rum 10:57:06
lunavideogames: What's this "tiki oasis" you speak of??? I don't see any mention of it ;) 11:55:42
RevBambooBen: Who's going to Tiki Oasis? 20:27:33
Sophista-tiki: my piece for the Tiki oasis group show is dedicated to all of the lurkers. thanks for the inspiration from your crappy behavior. lol 13:38:11
Sophista-tiki: there is no limit to lurking on TC 17:14:11
VampiressRN: I must admit I have only lurked once...I will do my best to improve that data. 17:05:21
Sophista-tiki: having a great time mocking your collective outstanding lurking abilities. 08:44:12
hang10tiki: Happy Bday WENDY.... 08:55:59
Phillip Roberts: Haaaa. I LIKE TIKI 19:21:27
Phillip Roberts: HOW DARE YOU OUT BID ME WHO EVER YOU ARE. 19:20:07
tikiskip: "I'll sock it to ya, Daddy" he said "Right on! Right on! Hotpants! Hotpants! Ugh...ugh...ugh". 06:08:05
Tikiwahine: Aloha! 14:00:07
hang10tiki: ET- that has happened to me multiple times as well...all hail the paper master 12:44:04
ErichTroudt: Everytime I find a weird, old or rare matchbook, I go to locating tiki to see that Dusty has already added it.... One 00:38:03
Tiki Roa: Attention Houston Rockabillies tonight at the Continental Club Rock Baby Rockit 16 featuring Luxurious Panthers and 3 Blue Tear Drops 12:59:26
hang10tiki: Happy Bday Mad Dog.... 08:22:58
tikiskip: Do you have an app to superimpose people’s heads on things like tiki or ice cream cones? THAT is the important question. 05:45:14