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Tiki Central Time: 01:03:29
Atomic Tiki Punk: Kkocka posted the lotto numbers from "Lost" 23:05:44
Atomic Tiki Punk: The line broke... 22:40:33
tikiskip: The monkey chew tobacco on the streetcar line 21:19:28
MadDogMike: 369 the goose drank wine... 21:13:59
Atomic Tiki Punk: Are you using a cipher, Kkocka? 19:18:47
kkocka: 4 8 15 16 23 42? 18:54:36
Atomic Tiki Punk: The A1Z26 cipher! Thanks, Skip! 18:02:46
tikiskip: 1 20 15 13 9 3 20 9 11 9 16 21 14 11!!! 17:40:01
JenTiki: GROG! 14:15:50
GROG: PAIPO!!!! 19:05:22
woofmutt: Woofmutt AKA Mac Shadee to the right people in the right circles. 19:27:26
wizzard419: Well, perhaps if you didn't come into this post office demanding tiki drinks... 19:06:17
MadDogMike: WOOFMUTTTT!!!! 10:51:26
Atomic Tiki Punk: What good are you, man! 22:47:23
wizzard419: We ran out. 22:36:00
Atomic Tiki Punk: can I have a cherry too? 22:31:42
wizzard419: If I stick a cocktail umbrella in that "No..." will you feel better? 21:24:56
Atomic Tiki Punk: That is most un-Tiki, Bro! 20:45:43
wizzard419: No... 20:43:54
Atomic Tiki Punk: Can someone pass the dumplings? 20:16:05
Atomic Tiki Punk: I am going to have lots of words to say, about something....sometime! 19:58:30
woofmutt: That story made me cry tears of boredom. You used to be cool, man. 18:10:37
MadDogMike: I'm pretty sure that it was Johnny Carson interviewing Katharine Hepburn that I saw years ago. He asked about her technique for working up tears on camera when needed. She said she just reached up and plucked a nose hair! Katharine F'ing Hepburn! I always pictured her as so prim and proper LOL 07:59:15
wizzard419: You might as well, some of the most painful hairs to remove on your body (at least the ones used when... interviewing people) are the nostrils. Waxing is fast and everything else is less painful. 19:51:28
Atomic Tiki Punk: Looks like a job for "The Manscaper" 18:10:39
wizzard419: If you're getting the nose you may as well get back sack and crack done too. 12:42:05
MadDogMike: Looks nice on there Marlene :) 11:41:53
MadDogMike: Statistically, most of us are "men of a certain age". Can someone recommend a Brazilian Nostril Waxing? 11:40:42
MadDogMike: Phillip, common decency dictates that I not add my 2 cents worth to your effort ;) 11:36:40
Phillip Roberts: [orchid]PINK![/orchid] 09:46:55