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Tiki Central Time: 04:34:57
tikiskip: "The blue bus is callin' us, the blue bus is callin' us Driver, where you taken us" 18:11:45
Or Got Rum?: "You've got to pick up every stitch, Beatniks are out to make it rich, Oh no, must be the season of the witch," 15:41:30
MadDogMike: I thought you posted something about the 100 year anniversary so I took a wild guess LOL 08:35:03
tikiskip: When was the first Circleville Pumpkin Show held? 1903, Close Mike. 09:00:40
tikiskip: Wouldn’t that be a Pie Tai? 08:58:02
Or Got Rum?: Is Don's serving Pumpkin Mai Tai's? 15:17:28
Or Got Rum?: Tired of the "Pumpkin Flavored" everything yet? 15:16:55
MadDogMike: 1916 12:08:08
tikiskip: "Oh yeah, see them airplanes they dump their toilets 36,000 feet. The stuff freezes and falls to earth. We call 'em Boeing bombs" 08:39:46
tikiskip: •When was the first Circleville Pumpkin Show held? 08:30:59
tikiskip: "Well I'm sure they did but it ain't no meteor. It's a big ol' frozen chunk o' s#$t" 08:30:18
MadDogMike: My theory is that the Easter Island Moais are a form of "blue ice" jettisoned from early flying saucers 17:42:56
tikiskip: Witches are known to conduct a lot of business at night. Many witches bury workings or spells in places. Sometimes lechuzas seem to have more sinister business, such as getting vengeance on a rival. 20:13:35
tikiskip: Signs of a werewolf are a unibrow, hair on palms, tattoos, and a long middle finger. Dam that's describes every third person I see these days. 06:21:09
tikiskip: "That Hook is a handy guy" 16:02:37
Or Got Rum?: "I've got to hand it to you Hook" 16:00:25
tikiskip: Or maybe even the song “If your happy and you know it clap your???” 15:54:46
MadDogMike: "tikiskip: I wonder if the term “hand crafted” offends Captain Hook?" LOL 15:12:40
tikiskip: I was told by the health Dept I could not use tomato’s that I grew in our garden in my restaurant. We also go to The Ohio State University Extensions seminars on growing things, if you think they can grow anything without any kind of pesticides you are wrong. They use pesticides deemed green. In fact most farms spray often and use many different types of pesticides and fungicides per season. 10:30:14
Or Got Rum?: ...don't even get me started on"Farm to Fork" or "Locally F'in Sourced". That is code for I am going to charge out the a@% for mediocre and serve you whatever anyway. 08:37:54
Or Got Rum?: ...using a time honored tradition... 08:34:18
tikiskip: I wonder if the term “hand crafted” offends Captain Hook? At any rate I for one am glad the days of those machine made drinks is over, true the machine made drinks cost less but a “hand crafted” drink from a pretentious “mixologist" can’t be beat. 08:25:59
tikiskip: I used to have to call these total morons “chefs” when I worked at OSU. They were not even good cooks. AND if we ran out of hot sauce they could not cook. But then most of the time these “chefs” were cooking chicken nuggets. 18:10:03
Or Got Rum?: Oh how I agree SKIP. I ran a famous Craft Beer/Restaurant operation, that if you did not update your latest "cask" offerings to the AP/Beerboard feature, the Beer Geeks would lose their freakin' mind 07:30:52
tikiskip: In this day lots of people who cook call themselves “Chefs” likewise with bartenders who now call themselves “mixologist" anyone who pops a top of a beer for a living is now some kind of genius. There are only 67 CMCs and 11 Certified Master Pastry Chefs in the USA,.would bet that is about the same number of people who could rightly call themselves a “mixologist" in the USA. That is if they wanted to tag themselves with the now kinda duchy term “mixologist" 06:34:23
MadDogMike: I don't think I'm supposed to understand Skip 21:45:45
tikiskip: Do not trust anybody who deems themselves a “mixologist" 21:32:49
tikiskip: BUT, you know some “mixologist" is going to bring you a “hand crafted” Painkiller that has grenadine in it and then their bunch of kiss a$$ friends will go on and on about what a great “mixologist" their friend is. 21:30:54
RevBambooBen: 21 days, 5180 miles, 8 states and 1 other country. Tried to make it a Non Tiki vacation but the Alibi made our list. Cool freakin decor! Love the layers!! 20:15:20
MadDogMike: Cooking is so much different that mixology. If I make stroganoff, I can use hamburger or flank steak, I can use noodles, mashed potatoes, or rice, I can use mushroom soup or not. People will still recognize it as stroganoff. But if I make a Painkiller without Prusser's it's not a Painkiller... 19:33:14