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Tiki Central Time: 13:01:47
Tiki Roa: Attention Houston Rockabillies tonight at the Continental Club Rock Baby Rockit 16 featuring Luxurious Panthers and 3 Blue Tear Drops 12:59:26
hang10tiki: Happy Bday Mad Dog.... 08:22:58
tikiskip: Do you have an app to superimpose peopleís heads on things like tiki or ice cream cones? THAT is the important question. 05:45:14
tikicoma: My camera required using another app to turn it to a jpeg that I could submit. Now its nearly easy as posting to Facebook! 23:32:25
tikicoma: Ok maybe I'm slow or something but I just noticed the the photos that my iPod touch and my wifes iPhone are jpegs making it a breeze to put pictures on Tikicentral. 23:27:51
VampiressRN: Thanks are right. CHEERS 19:42:16
JenTiki: I think you're thinking of Kahaka. 17:03:47
VampiressRN: Tapa 13:19:29
VampiressRN: Who is it that makes fish trap lamps with taps and lives in the San Jose area? 13:19:11
RevBambooBen: TIKI TIKI! 10:29:25
Limbo Lizard: A new type of PC to contend with - Disney's Maui isn't 'Polynesianally Correct'! 13:49:07
Limbo Lizard: Anger over 'obese' depiction of Polynesian demigod in Disney's Moana 13:45:53
tikiskip: Ok, so that might be Josť the parrot? 13:24:00
tikicoma: I'm waiting for the new Disney film to enlighten me on the pantheon of Polynesian deities. 19:50:12
tikiskip: The first inhabitants of Hawaii voyaged from Polynesia about one thousand years ago, bringing with them religious and spiritual convictions. The many gods of Hawaii and Polynesia were represented by tikis. The name tiki can refer to many different types of images 16:52:17
tikiskip: Ha! Right, But then isnít or at least wasnít tiki a religion at some point in time? 11:40:30
MadDogMike: Speaking of Facebook, I am really starting to appreciate TC's no politics and no religion policy :/ 08:43:02
tikicoma: Phillip, I'm really glad I was there it was terrific! Mutt..behave. 20:56:30
woofmutt: Should post that on Facebook where people will actually see it. 09:47:22
Phillip Roberts: Mahalo to everyone who came to my Seminar at Tiki-Kon 16:06:04
woofmutt: At this time, information is forthcoming, but so far we know Flipper lives in a world full of wonder, flying down under, under the sea. 14:24:33
MadDogMike: Since 1/23/2012 15:27:13
AceExplorer: Except that according to swizzle, it's been there all along. I must have been ignoring it all this time, but today it popped out at me in bright blue. That's what I get for being sober.... 18:53:22
tikiskip: "Here's me, liking me" "What do you think of me?" 15:08:12
tikiskip: Take a selfie of you liking one of your own posts. 15:06:59
AceExplorer: From now on I'm going to "Like" all of my own posts! Bwahahahaha! 14:06:40
AceExplorer: So, when did the "Like" buttons show up on TC posts? YAY! 13:45:29
MadDogMike: Thanks Hilda, will check it out 21:54:10
RevBambooBen: Ol' Tiki Bong up to his same sheet over on Face Book. D'oh! 23:05:31
Phillip Roberts: Anyone can Talk about Don the Beachcomber but only ONE can let you HEAR him talk. See you at Tiki Kon! 09:00:48