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Tiki Central Time: 21:42:18
RevBambooBen: Hmmmm.... I'll pass it on T-Skip! 21:11:22
tikiskip: So I guess that kills my idea for a drink called the “Cat nip cooler” Hop Cat looks good. 11:19:32
RevBambooBen: HAHAHA!!! NO. Look up "Hop Cat" They're doing this Tiki Bar right. Trust me ;) 09:42:28
tikiskip: So if they don't serve cat food or sell cat toys it should be ok. 06:24:13
tikiskip: "The TIKI CAT trademark is filed in the category of Natural Agricultural Products , Toys and Sporting Goods Products" 06:23:36
tikiskip: Is this the same people that make “Tiki Cat” Gourmet Food for Cats? 06:17:01
RevBambooBen: I love adding to the Tiki Community!!! 18:48:46
RevBambooBen: Tiki Cat in KC coming soon! Keep an eye out for pics!!! 18:47:48
tikiskip: Ted Kaczynski pleads guilty to bombings Bloody Sunday Massacre in Russia Earthquake in southern Syria kills thousands "Emergency" with Robert Fuller premieres on NBC TV And the worst one… 1982 75% of North America is covered by snow! 16:37:08
tikiskip: All mid winter. 16:21:42
MadDogMike: LOL 15:32:16
Or Got Rum?: 04/15/1462 Leonardo Da Vinci-Born 04/15/1865 Abe Lincoln-Assassinated 04/15/1912 Titanic Sunk 04/15 My Birthday 14:54:56
MadDogMike: ;) 14:24:12
MadDogMike: 1/22/2006 - 2006 Eco Morales becomes Bolivia's first indigenous president 14:23:57
MadDogMike: 1/22/1970 - The Boeing 747 takes off on its first scheduled flight, NY to London 14:23:29
MadDogMike: 1/22/1963 - The Élysée Treaty formalizes the reconciliation between Germany and France 14:22:45
MadDogMike: 1/22/1943 - World's fastet recorded temperature change from -4F to 45F in a span of 2 minutes (having a hard time believing that one) 14:22:14
MadDogMike: 1/22/1506 - Swiss Guard begins security at Vatican 14:20:42
hang10tiki: Go Stillirs 13:49:50
tikiskip: Nothing good ever came on January 22. 12:43:21
tikiskip: Chips, 12:41:47
BambooRadley: Ahoy... 11:58:46
tikiskip: More like Mark Fuckerberg, Or Mother Zucker! 20:43:42
Or Got Rum?: You are correct Sir! 08:32:54
MadDogMike: You mean Zuck Zacebook? 08:21:11
Or Got Rum?: Zuck Facebook! 08:16:37
tikiskip: Change the Z to a F. 04:40:14
tikiskip: Thing is when these rich B!t$h people buy areas for big money the taxes go way up, this forces people who have been there for generations to sell as they cannot afford the taxes on the land their family have owned for years. D!ck move as he could not even wait that long. 18:22:30
Heath: Zuckerberg sues to force land sales 16:32:04
tikiskip: "Drink your big black cow And get out of here" 03:42:03