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Tiki Central Time: 05:47:54
Atomic Tiki Punk: That's what she said! 17:07:24
tikiskip: German technology is not cheap, Go put one in your hands. like the router best, They seem to work well. 07:09:03
MadDogMike: 650 bucks!!! Guess I'll have to put up with a little sawdust in my eyes LOL Nice looking saw though :) 20:12:48
tikiskip: Festool TS 55 and TS 75 Plunge Cut Saw 17:44:10
tikiskip: Festool PS 300 EQ Jigsaw 17:41:51
Atomic Tiki Punk: So true, Mike! 15:53:18
MadDogMike: Can anyone tell me why skilsaws throw sawdust exactly where your eyes need to be to see the blade. Any why can't they make a blade guard that actually moves out of the way when you cut a board? All the contactors I know just remove the guards but I don't have the cajones to do that. Ben, can you shed some light on this subject? 15:27:44
tikiskip: Ripped! Thanks Blakes Bahooka!!! 20:57:11
VampiressRN: Call 911 and request rum!!! 19:51:43
Atomic Tiki Punk: I have fallen....and it is kind of nice, down here. 17:25:53
lunavideogames: Tiki Ti is back! All is right again in the world of tiki. 15:34:07
RevBambooBen: Crazy Al is on Fire!!! Someone needs to put him out!!! ( hot chick?) 21:15:45
MadDogMike: :) 07:50:47
tikiskip: TMZ live from the Tiki ti! 03:52:13
RevBambooBen: Mad Dog Mike you rule! No candles and Lemon Heart 151 !!! MAhalo Brutha! 20:48:13
tikiskip: Plastics it's true. 19:28:44
tikiskip: Hollywood movie answer, we would not sell this for any amount! Reality answer Heck yeah, Show me the money!! 19:21:52
Greg_D_R: Hello there, I represent H. Tom Flubbard, and I would like to buy this TikiShout board for 1 BILLION dollars! And take away your dead alien volcano ghosts. 11:17:12
JenTiki: Hiphipahula! You broke the internet! 08:04:25
Hiphipahula: I show up and TC is broken. 23:02:46
kkocka: _(ツ)_/ Well when you're ambiguous, what do ya expect? 17:58:45
JenTiki: And all the tiki world breathes a sigh of relief... or at least the ones who jumped to conclusions and assumed the worst. :/ 14:55:20
Freeland: Second, lunavideogames 22:33:19
lunavideogames: Cheers to Tiki Ti and the Buhen family! 15:41:04
tikicoma: What's with all the 11 pm spammers lately? 23:43:24
hang10tiki: Tiki Oasis rooms sold out in 5 min, yep tiki is dead... Lol 20:36:58
tikicoma: MDM friday was lei day. Next time you go out put on a fresh lei and spread aloha. 22:49:51
MadDogMike: Was yesterday Lei Dei? I missed it :( 14:23:04
tikicoma: Shout out if you wore a lei today! 23:58:42
Sophista-tiki: form of a cocktail umbrella 23:54:32