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Tiki Central Time: 04:13:59
kkocka: Various Menchies around California serve up Dole Pineapple, which is the same thing...just don't get pineapple tart, which is bleh 18:04:30
tikilongbeach: Whoops, its in Roseville, not SAC. 22:42:39
tikilongbeach: OMG! Yogurt in Sacramento serves Dole Whip. I just Googled it. 22:41:44
wizzard419: It might be regional too (Hawaii, So Cal, and Orlando), it's not like it flows like water in So Cal either... unless you buy the mix. It could be the red vines of soft serve. 19:55:12
VampiressRN: I've never had a Dole Whip...just sayn'. 19:04:32
wizzard419: Now I want to go buy a bunch of frozen pizzas... 14:22:29
wizzard419: That doesn't get nearly as hot though... if you're lucky you will hit 450. You need the airflow restriction and lower ceiling to get past 1000 15:34:20
Atomic Tiki Punk: I do a lot of cooking, but have not tried that, though my BBQ does have a pizza stone grill attachment. 15:28:31
wizzard419: You can also make your own if you have the tools, just don't use galvanized steel. 15:20:41
Hakalugi: This is really quite cool! Compared to other "at home" wood-fired options, this is very inexpensive. 15:20:01
wizzard419: I also use it for bagels, bread, and as a wood fired oven for some dishes. 15:12:04
wizzard419: In So Cal, you bet your ass I do 15:11:27
MadDogMike: WOW! You'd better make a lot of pizzas to make it worth the 300 bucks! 15:09:41
wizzard419: Yep, though I had to buy mine in pieces since the tombstone didn't exist yet. 14:57:01
Hakalugi: This? 14:25:43
wizzard419: Buy it on amazon (the price is slightly less there for some reason) and buy the tombstone upgrade (steel is good too) then you don't have to lift it once the coals are placed. 10:07:28
MadDogMike: hey thats pretty cool! 10:05:26
MadDogMike: kettle pizza? 10:02:25
wizzard419: Which is why I make my own using a kettle pizza. 21:23:01
Atomic Tiki Punk: But it is true, very little good pizza in SoCal. 21:03:44
wizzard419: Yes, it's what you serve guests. I don't like it but it does exist. 16:11:38
Atomic Tiki Punk: Z Pizza is Bitch Pizza.... 15:20:37
wizzard419: Yes, NB's pizza is for bitches. 21:13:56
Atomic Tiki Punk: North Beach, San Francisco for Pizza, Bitches! 20:54:26
bamalamalu: Pizzeria Luigi also makes a really nice pie, just not New Haven style. 20:46:55
bamalamalu: Best real pizza I've had in SD is at URBN in North Park. But it can't beat Pepe's 20:40:59
wizzard419: Naples thin, NY thin, or lavosh thin? 20:03:53
lunavideogames: I like the cracker crisp thin crust. Can't find it here though. 19:42:30
wizzard419: There is a good (non-coal/wood fired) place in SDC, but I can't think of it off the top of my head. Z pizza is what you go to when you want regular and Californian pizzas for more than 1-2 people. 19:39:54
lunavideogames: Won't be up that way until Jerry's D-Day, but I might have to check it out. 19:36:56