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Tiki Central Time: 02:09:45
GROG: GROG not reporting damned jamescook unless he's here for more than 24 hours. 01:47:27
hiltiki: Oh I see. 20:07:51
Hakalugi: Thanks Hiltiki/Grog. That "old" ednabarnes post has been removed. Basically I see spam before I see PMs or Shout, but if I miss something (i.e. if you see spam older than 24hrs). Yes, please point it out. 15:48:16
Atomic Tiki Punk: I am so confusedicated, what does the future hold for us now? 13:53:25
Atomic Tiki Punk: Ya got me there... 13:51:19
JenTiki: ATP - I do believe you mean "all intents and purposes" ;) 13:41:35
Atomic Tiki Punk: Yup, Karl has informed me that unless the spam is older then 24 hours, there is no need to report it, for all intensive purposes, we are out of a job. 12:14:42
GROG: Her post is still there, but SHE's gone. If you click on her name you'll see: "This user has been removed from the User database". 11:26:16
hiltiki: Tell that to ednabarnes, shes still here with us 5 days later. 11:13:45
Atomic Tiki Punk: Spam Fighters disband! we are no longer needed....our job is over now, time to hang up the capes. 02:34:14
Atomic Tiki Punk: JessieBurt committed to mental health hell! 21:51:59
GROG: But, he does have tips for a healthy brain, so maybe GROG should check it out. 21:58:56
GROG: We had a nice respite from spammers until DanielBrooks showed up. 21:56:13
RevBambooBen: Grog- you know me too well! 20:55:29
El Jefe: Good work everyone. It's the first time in a while that I have logged on without a whole bunch of spam. 07:32:58
GROG: When hell freezes over. 00:33:03
RevBambooBen: One of these days I'll take a computer class. lol!! 18:39:28
RevBambooBen: So the Spammers don't link up? 18:39:02
RevBambooBen: Maybe delete all the posts that have to do with Spam the meat? 18:38:40
Hakalugi: tikicoma, U-Moderate is okay BUT one or two U-Mod "votes" won't really get easily noticed. It's better to send me a PM, but as mentioned earlier, there's no need to point out spam that's less than 24 hours old. 18:05:20
tikicoma: Haka i'm using U-Moderate hitting delete topic then under comments entering spam then hitting vote. I thought this would do the job. Though last night I did this for the first time on a mobile device. 14:59:09
Atomic Tiki Punk: So my work here is done? 13:33:40
GROG: "BTW, reporting spam is really only necessary for spam that has been there longer than 24 hours."----Good to know. GROG tired of reporting spam. Got too much ceramic crap to finish. No time for spam. 11:53:24
Hakalugi: kkocka, you are right, it has increased substantially over the last three months. The last two weeks have been really bad. Hanford has been made aware of the problem and hopefully some new system filters can be put in place. Believe me, we are not happy about it either. BTW, reporting spam is really only necessary for spam that has been there longer than 24 hours. 11:43:37
Atomic Tiki Punk: I am actually putting hits out on spammers. 11:27:36
kkocka: @ATP - Oh I know spam can be reported - I do so regularly myself, but I don't see the same volume of spam on any other forum I regulary visit. 11:24:48
Hakalugi: kkocka, thanks for your support -_- 10:08:22
Hakalugi: tikicoma, how exactly are you reporting spam? 09:51:02
GROG: YEP!!! dalenemrt, casebro19, ronaldgross, Lifernsc, Chloetring, LoisValente ----spammed the hell out of us!! 09:02:09
tikicoma: 104 currently browsing TC at 3am... what are they doing holding classes on how to spam? 03:13:20