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Tiki Central Time: 02:26:15
Or Got Rum?: So true. 11:49:47
tikiskip: Kinda bittersweet as the updates were all about closing tiki places. 06:40:26
Or Got Rum?: Thanks for the Locating Tiki updates again Kenbo-jitsu! 13:42:21
kkocka: Damn and I thought was bad enough! :D 18:26:27
tikiskip: is a fun waste of time, good one Google. 03:47:54
AceExplorer: Today is Repeal Day. Celebrate! 07:52:44
RevBambooBen: FRANKIE'S 8th ANNIVERSARY PARTY Saturday December 3 starting at 8:00 pm Celebrate everything tiki and get your limited edition anniversary tiki mug, the GHOST DRAGON, signed by the artist Big Toe. Can't make it to the party? Stop by Frankie's between 5:00 - 7:00 and Big Toe will sign your mug plus any of his other artwork you might have. The GHOST DRAGON mugs will be on sale at Frankie's beginning Saturday afternoon, and are on sale now at See you Saturday! 21:53:54
Or Got Rum?: Now onto Prime Rib and Yorkshire Pudding... 13:26:45
MadDogMike: LOL, it worked out really well. Won't cook a turkey the regular way again. 18:18:15
Or Got Rum?: I've done it w/ Chicken on the Grill. I like that more surface is flamed. 08:50:37
tikiskip: Cooking a Turkey today and am going to try it Mike. 07:55:51
Or Got Rum?: No Mike, but I shuttlecock splayed... 07:34:39
Or Got Rum?: "Naughty Hijinks W/ Aunt Bee?" eeeewwuuuhh. 07:33:58
tikiskip: Or maybe S&M porn? 07:12:48
tikiskip: Isn’t that a detective show from 80s with Andy Griffith in it. 07:11:34
MadDogMike: Did you spatchcock? 21:20:19
Or Got Rum?: Happy Thanksgiving! 08:27:41
tikiskip: First met Wayne at Hukilau he was very friendly, but hey I was buying his stuff. There were many others that were not so friendly and even dismissive at that event and hey I was buying from some of them too. Great guy who really did have this Aloha spirt we keep hearing about. Even though he would often flip people off. 05:26:24
Or Got Rum?: Very cool Skip 14:26:49
tikiskip: Plz check out page two of”A Tiki In Winter” thread to see my two Wayne Combs tiki that are not so teethy. 13:01:07
Or Got Rum?: I tend not to look at anything else on the carving once I see teeth. 11:04:19
tikiskip: Wayne Coombs was a ton of fun larger than life, not a big fan of big teeth but he did some not so big teeth as well, Coco Beach has lots o Mai Tiki everywhere. 04:06:38
Or Got Rum?: I love Wayne Coombs originals (RIP) but I REALLY don't like big teeth (especially white) TIKI! 14:32:45
Or Got Rum?: Something Like That,,,, 08:47:22
MadDogMike: May we all get to have a chance to ride the fast one, walk away wiser when we crashed one, keep hoping that the best one is the last one 07:31:41
RevBambooBen: Did anyone see Pacific Seas on NCIS after 60 minutes ? 17:51:02
tikiskip: I think I met your Italian relative Hakaluigi, Happy Birthday!!! 07:01:45
MadDogMike: Hakalugi! I forgot your b'day card :( Will get it out this next week :) 22:14:22
tikiskip: I second that!! 13:41:52
Or Got Rum?: Thank all you Veterans for service to our Country. 08:20:16