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Tiki Central Time: 16:43:36
Sophista-tiki: cause its near some tikis in my yard 12:53:01
Sophista-tiki: I've got a tiki lawnmower 12:52:43
kkocka: Answer: its surroundings. 11:37:05
Sophista-tiki: did we ever find out what makes a typewriter tiki? 08:51:13
MadDogMike: LOL I send you a b'day card every year and never knew your last name. I just addressed it to Bamboo Ben and that was good enough for the USPS 17:28:58
RevBambooBen: They made me send them a pic of my ID!! I am now Ben Bassham artist formally known as Ben Bamboo aka Bamboo Ben!!! I'm working on a website soon!!! 17:01:33
kkocka: I have to laugh at your situation, Ben. You get pinned for your name, and yet I see countless ghetto street names that are passing as real names. I suggest using your real name, and then General Account Settings > Name > Add Other Names 10:38:20
Atomic Tiki Punk: Who needs that crap, Ben....go old school! 00:33:38
RevBambooBen: F'in facebook just blocked me again! No Bamboo Ben or Ben Bamboo!! Arrrr!!!! Bastards! 22:13:58
mp: G R O G ! 16:26:14
Feelin' Zombified: HOLY CRAP 08:28:27
8FT Tiki: A snowy Saturday is a good time for scanning stuff to post on Tiki Central!!! 11:54:58
tikicoma: walker62 is a spammer 01:53:24
BambooRadley: TikiShout alwayS gives me a complex.. 21:59:10
BambooRadley: It's been months since I was here.. 21:55:40
kkocka: What am I missing here...? 18:01:27
Atomic Tiki Punk: And he is back 19:38:22
mike and marie: LOL we were just wondering the same thing! 16:31:44
Atomic Tiki Punk: Did that thread get heated or just even more strange, today? 13:22:28
Hakalugi: Jungle John asked that the Backyard thread be removed. 13:20:29
Dagg: Backyard home bar thread is gone.. Must have been the swingers... 12:22:06
Atomic Tiki Punk: Bill, sorry to miss ya, howzit hanging? 19:29:18
Mai Tai: Mai Tai Out!!! 18:26:27
Mai Tai: What's up, Lance? 18:20:56
Mai Tai: ♫ How much is that Mai Tai in the window? ♪♪ 18:20:37
Atomic Tiki Punk: Where did my Mai Tai, Go? 18:07:03
Mai Tai: Mai Tai Fly By Drive By 17:41:51
bamalamalu: Brr! So much for using the pool this Weekend. Oh well, more time for Frankie's! Stay warm! 10:39:33
hang10tiki: Vegas snow, no flip flops today... 08:28:10
Sophista-tiki: heh 08:20:36