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Tiki Central Time: 17:48:34
wizzard419: Yes, NB's pizza is for bitches. 21:13:56
Atomic Tiki Punk: North Beach, San Francisco for Pizza, Bitches! 20:54:26
bamalamalu: Pizzeria Luigi also makes a really nice pie, just not New Haven style. 20:46:55
bamalamalu: Best real pizza I've had in SD is at URBN in North Park. But it can't beat Pepe's 20:40:59
wizzard419: Naples thin, NY thin, or lavosh thin? 20:03:53
lunavideogames: I like the cracker crisp thin crust. Can't find it here though. 19:42:30
wizzard419: There is a good (non-coal/wood fired) place in SDC, but I can't think of it off the top of my head. Z pizza is what you go to when you want regular and Californian pizzas for more than 1-2 people. 19:39:54
lunavideogames: Won't be up that way until Jerry's D-Day, but I might have to check it out. 19:36:56
wizzard419: If you need a quick and easy slice I would say go to NY uppercrust since they do slices. 19:25:43
wizzard419: Yeah, the oven in my backyard gets over 1000, so most places are bullshit compared to what I can make. 19:24:47
lunavideogames: In SD we have MVP which is woodfired, but thats as good as it gets. Nothing Like Dulonos in MPLS. 18:59:50
wizzard419: It was fit for slaves, just not more than 3 times a week. 18:42:04
wizzard419: The coal/wood fired pizza I have is good, Z pizza is acceptable. 18:41:37
lunavideogames: I hear Lobster was not fit for prisoners at one point, but I pay lots of $$$ for them. 18:24:18
lunavideogames: No good pizza in Cali, gotta make due. 18:11:40
wizzard419: That pizza isn't fit for dogs or death row inmates 17:58:23
lunavideogames: I like his pizza! 17:54:10
lunavideogames: Red Baron is good too. 17:38:38
wizzard419: Though the red baron still made snoopy his bitch. 17:37:43
lunavideogames: No, but he did fly a dog house like no one's biz. 17:33:46
wizzard419: Did Snoopy trick everyone into thinking that he was a normal sized human being? 17:24:33
lunavideogames: Snoopy... Hands down. 17:21:45
wizzard419: Maverick? 17:14:41
Atomic Tiki Punk: Whose the best Pilot you ever saw? 13:32:46
kkocka: Coconauts, Jet Pilots, and Test Pilots for all 10:29:45
Atomic Tiki Punk: Let's get a drink! & Happy Moon landing day to one & all! 01:13:44
Hakalugi: Gone. 01:07:48
Atomic Tiki Punk: Reported Vamp... 01:06:47
VampiressRN: Spamalot. 00:09:11
wizzard419: Nope 17:59:55