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Tiki Central Time: 21:49:40
Atomic Tiki Punk: I picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue! 03:11:37
Atomic Tiki Punk: Correction: it is spelled announcement. 03:11:10
Atomic Tiki Punk: Here is Friday's public service anouncment: 03:10:08
Atomic Tiki Punk: If I had a nickle for each one of those 156 people, I would have $7.80 00:48:13
tikicoma: 156 currently browsing 22:22:13
MadDogMike: Ready to buy some Havana Club? 21:42:30
Atomic Tiki Punk: !!! 14:55:26
JenTiki: Happy Wednesday, ATP! 07:57:21
Atomic Tiki Punk: I said Happy Monday!!! even though it is now Wed. you ungrateful bastards. 07:30:30
Atomic Tiki Punk: Happy Monday! 20:46:06
Atomic Tiki Punk: I think a Mod got to it already. 03:43:16
tikicoma: hey ATP Sundayjaing is spamming the place up. 01:27:53
Atomic Tiki Punk: I drank it.... 23:06:23
tikicoma: And where's the rest of the of the Mai Tai? 19:30:19
Atomic Tiki Punk: Here is a mint.... 16:48:13
tikicoma: meant! I meant meant. 00:53:16
tikicoma: Sorry I ment in Tiki Travel 00:51:21
tikicoma: New spam in Locating Tiki? I'm not clicking on that link! 00:27:08
Atomic Tiki Punk: Spammer has been reported. 21:15:47
Atomic Tiki Punk: Drink-a-palooza 2014! 19:14:29
SoccerTiki: Not "Free Karaoke"-Sans Noise Abuse! 17:56:28
SoccerTiki: Dagger Bar-Karaoke Free this Saturday after the International Tiki Market Place!!!! 17:55:25
kkocka: Question of curiosity: Bacardi 8 or Cruzan aged dark (gold)? 15:26:16
JenTiki: It's a Thailand Phone Number. Not sure what any of our agencies could do about it. 11:54:31
JenTiki: Looks like he posted to every forum he could find on the web. Google the phone number. 11:49:19
tikiskip: Mypadiman this guy should be reported to an agency that deals with This type of fraud. Those are some scary posts he made! 04:03:01
kkocka: Sweat pants are difficult to put on though 16:41:25
MadDogMike: If you use a urinary catheter and a leg bag you should wear long pants to WalMart and not a pair of shorts. Just sayin'... 14:36:35
MadDogMike: They are in the liquor store Vamp ;) 14:35:30
VampiressRN: Where are all the wild turkeys...I haven't seen any in a while...hmmmm! 20:28:44