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Tiki Central Time: 06:25:58
woofmutt: Yer on FB MDM? No wonder Satan's heating bill is so high. 21:38:20
SandraDee: MDM you just made me laugh out loud :) 20:32:39
MadDogMike: Hmmm... no posts in a month. But he always makes an announcement before he quits 11:15:35
Bay Park Buzzy: Did that malcontent Lucas Vigor quit TC again? 22:52:01
RevBambooBen: Good on ya MDM!!! 21:18:36
MadDogMike: I subscribe to the magazine Clay Times. I emailed the editor and suggested they should do an article on hand built Tiki mugs instead of the usual vases and teapots. She actually responded and said she was interested for a summer edition. We'll see where that goes. 13:43:35
wizzard419: MDM, it's true, but the 2% (or whatever the new level is) organic posts to friends' feeds is what FB is just starting. They had been ratcheting it down more and more. Fine for big companies since they have depts. devoted to socom, not so great for small biz and community orgs. 09:17:48
tikiskip: I too have tried to get Tiki art stuff from the people here on TC, gave my logo talked about what I wanted done even in person at Hukilau and thought that we were going to do business but never heard From her again. But have also had other TC art folks come through so itís cuts both ways. Itís the flakes that mess it all up for everybody. 05:20:39
MadDogMike: I have heard that thing about posts not going to your FB friends but I'm thinking it's not true. I posted something dumb on FB last nite and got responses from 77 different people. That's RESPONSES from 30% of my friends so I know the message went to many more than that. 22:59:26
wizzard419: That reminds me of this one craftsman I tried to commission something through. He did custom computer cases (this was before I started building my own) that were really well styled and made of wood. His first response to an inquiry was "Are you a legitimate customer or another joker", I should have stopped the conversation right there, but pressed on. Sent him a proposed designed/write up, and he never followed up on it. I don't even know why he bothered having a commission email address if he didn't want to actually take on any jobs. 21:45:34
tikiskip: I used to get back to people right away but about half have you jump through hoops with the price and size and shipping of an item then donít buy. Or they just never get back to you. With eBay itís up for sale, you bid you buy, no problems. 18:11:40
wizzard419: You would be surprised how many merchants/artists don't check their messages. I can understand not checking forums because they can be forgettable if they don't generate enough biz, but not checking email? Yikes. The problem with FB posting, as of late, is that unless you're paying FB, your posts will only reach the feeds of about 2% (if I recall) of your friends. 14:16:30
Sophista-tiki: Ido very well with etsy and even beter just posting on FB. If youre goping to post stuff fo9r sale its probably a good idea to atleast once in a while log in and check to see if you have messages. seems like common sense to me. 13:22:00
wizzard419: Etsy shops are good for keeping active lists of inventory since some of the posters may not check messages, or may not update their posts to reflect items sold. They could still go around one 3rd party, but unless everyone is just paying by check/cash via mail, Ebay gets a cut through paypal. :D 11:09:34
Sophista-tiki: ignore my first comment , 08:04:02
Sophista-tiki: and if you REALLY want something that someone is offering just message them for it. and skip the whole some 3rd company getting a cut of the profits. 08:02:12
Sophista-tiki: etsy is a much better place to sell hand made things than ebay. 08:00:50
Sophista-tiki: whats wrong with just buying stuff from where people offer it. ? why ebay only? 08:00:23
VampiressRN: Yes, some use that and eBay. The Tiki Market Place is where people post to sell items, you can start your own thread with links to your items. There are a lot of fantastic artists on this board. 20:56:33
wizzard419: Just out of curiosity, do the people that make stuff to sell on here ever use Etsy? It seems like there would be a thread of "Here's my etsy store" links in the marketplace 23:04:14
MadDogMike: Hope so Derek. He hasnt posted in a year. 13:03:32
Monkeyman: Is Mr. Pupu Pants ok? 12:25:47
Atomic Tiki Punk: POOP! 01:25:55
little lost tiki: boop 23:10:38
GROG: Crap! that was supposed to be "da wahhhh...." no editing shout. 10:57:03
GROG: da dwahhhh.... 10:55:16
wizzard419: shoop da whoop? 23:28:39
tikicoma: a doop 23:24:24
tikicoma: boop 23:24:02
little lost tiki: boop. 01:30:25