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Tiki Central Time: 14:22:27
VampiressRN: My star is back...thanks Haka!!! 22:44:38
VampiressRN: Mine expired too, just renewed. 10:38:24
Atomic Tiki Punk: Spammer reported.... 15:46:31
lunavideogames: Yeah my Grand Membership is up. I want to renew if I need to so I can vote that last post of mine to the top ;) 17:53:07
MadDogMike: WHEW!!!! Im IN!!! Thanks Hakalugi!!!! 10:46:04
MadDogMike: OMG!!! I can't get into the Grand Ceremonial Forum of Mystery!!!! Got my Grand Membership renewal a couple of days ago and just paid it but I'm LOCKED OUT until they process it LOL ;) 09:22:38
Atomic Tiki Punk: BOOZE! 18:11:32
wizzard419: Some call it a costume, others it is a way of life. 21:09:58
Atomic Tiki Punk: Hey Grog, did you don your Halloween costume early this year & been running around Wasco? 01:30:49
kkocka: That's the bittersweet of Don's lately - I love that the Marketplace is growing but holy crap does it get hotter than hell once the full crowd is blooming. I get there right at opening now so I can get a parking space and do my business early. I hate that vendors cover up the water feature/fountain now :( 22:57:38
Zinctiki: the good news: great turnout. the bad news: too crowded :p 13:44:41
RevBambooBen: Tomorrow aka Saturday come ON DOWN to Don the Beachcomber 's International TIKI Market Place !!! 10-3 . I'll have a ton of stuff for really cheap! 3 foot bars 75.00 each!!!! Normally 99.00. The 24.00 you save can go toward your first bottle of rum to christen it! 10.00 random hand carved Tiki Signs, And, left over Forbidden Island Mug/Booze shelves just for you!!! People at MOD Palm Springs's only 1.5 hrs away!!! And, Ben Bamboo xl t-shirts!! See y'all SATURDAY!!! 19:44:25
GROG: tEh ruuunm i s GoonE. SommboDy diranK It. 08:29:39
tikicoma: I'll bring the rocks and limes if Grog bring rum! 21:28:50
wizzard419: And if rocks are not in the immediate area I would imagine other options will present. 20:13:02
GROG: Always. 07:33:36
Atomic Tiki Punk: Although caveman feelings are rudimentary, he can still feel the pain of social rejection, which always results in the throwing of rocks! 14:47:16
tikicoma: What do you mean? Raspberries good for Grog, almost no fat or salt. 09:12:15
Atomic Tiki Punk: That wasn't very nice, man! 02:10:21
tikicoma: Did I spell that right? 00:20:36
tikicoma: phtt 00:02:21
GROG: Tikicoma---ACCEPT, not EXCEPT. ---the Spelling Police 09:04:10
Atomic Tiki Punk: What, he said! 00:11:12
MadDogMike: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! 22:39:19
tikicoma: Oh my god, Atomic Tiki Punk is MadDogMike! 21:02:57
Atomic Tiki Punk: Weird! I just had the same thought? 20:53:57
MadDogMike: So many user names and passwords, how's a schizophrenic to keep track? 19:53:05
MadDogMike: I wish one of my personalities liked to go to work. 19:49:48
tikicoma: But wouldn't they except that life could be horrible and that would verify their beliefs. 01:14:41
tikicoma: Oh, I hit the back arrow, not back to TC. 01:08:29