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Tiki Central Time: 01:31:15
Tiki Roa: Anybody gettin Tiki Turnt tonight or what i drank 3 don hos took a drag or two and washed it down w longboard lager hopin to surf tomorrow the robert august is loaded up on the golf cart ready to hit the jettt 22:00:43
Tiki Roa: They took down my freeformer post in general-sheesh I'm still tiki as hell I have a jeep islander I ride a 10-6 I drink rum I have a bunch of tiki shit Aloha Tiki Central 21:54:43
tikiskip: "Enough about me, let's talk about you. What do you think of me?" ~ Johnny bravo. 11:21:24
lunavideogames: Happy 55th Anniversary Tiki Ti!! Wish I could be there, have fun everyone that is celebrating! 15:30:10
tikiskip: Ann-Margret was described as a sex kitten in the 1964 film Kitten with a Whip. 08:15:44
tikiskip: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ann-Margret! Yer the hottest! 08:14:32
little lost tiki: i bet the NSA knows ALL the color codes! 23:58:51
little lost tiki: lol 23:58:22
Phillip Roberts: Darn it 22:26:19
Phillip Roberts: I [zazz]LIKE[/port] TIKI 22:25:58
Phillip Roberts: Purple?? Hanford when did you do that? 22:22:27
JenTiki: Yeah, I already knew about bold, I just needed PURPLE to mourn properly. 16:57:40
MadDogMike: There is also BOLD 15:20:22
JenTiki: Wow! I only knew about red, green and blue! 10:55:52
little lost tiki: WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! PARPLE! 22:21:27
MadDogMike: There is a PURPLE JenTiki. PM me ;) 22:17:06
lunavideogames: Golden Tiki mugs, by Tiki Diablo, are up for sale on their website. 18:59:33
JenTiki: I need a purple text code. Blue just doesn't cut it today. 13:45:21
Fez Moai: Hi 18:15:33
ErkNoLikeFire: yeah art! and boo to plain walls 11:06:41
VampiressRN: More art on the way for my walls to offset my empty ceiling. Must get some pics. Damn you SoCal Tikiphiles and all your overindulgence in bamboo!!! 20:20:56
chrisandsarahb: BambooBen, sneak peak? Interview? ;) 11:36:06
lunavideogames: Ben, are SoCal TC members invited to the Grand Opening??? :) 18:21:22
tikiskip: Dewey Cox: I think I'm doing okay for a 15 year old with a wife and a baby. 07:51:31
Hakalugi: ToDaY? ToNiGhT? 10:50:13
RevBambooBen: The new Pacific Seas Tiki Bar in DTLA is going off!! 22:55:09
lucas vigor: GET OFF MY PORCH!!!! 08:38:03
Hiphipahula: Knock knock? 22:21:32
tikiskip: DJ Snoopadelic? 06:12:02
kkocka: Eh that's old news, think he's still Snoop 21:22:41