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Tiki Central Time: 10:13:46
Atomic Tiki Punk: Spoke to soon.... 04:55:28
tikicoma: Sure seems quiet now that all the spam is gone. 03:23:49
VampiressRN: Yay the tech genius saves the day. Thanks Hanford and Haka. 11:11:23
JenTiki: Hanford rocks!!! 08:22:48
20th Century Man: Many, many mahalos to you, Hanford! 08:21:56
MadDogMike: SPAM Incinerator! Yeah!!!! 17:25:09
Hakalugi: Yes, Hanford gets the big thanks! There is now a way to systematically delete huge piles of spam. 14:55:12
tikicoma: That's what I was trying to do when I saw general tikis first page nothing but spam! I went nuts and shoved it all to the second page. Then I took a Xanax and a nap then when I woke something like 420 spams were gone (there had been 42 on general tiki)! Thank you Haka, Hanford too? 14:52:09
kkocka: Nah it's cool, not blaming you per se for just trying to restore sanity 14:42:33
tikicoma: kkocka sorry if I confused anyone. To clear things up anything above "alfred shaheen by rein spooner" is new the 6 topics including it through "strange tiki merchandise" should actually be at the bottom of the page, I miscounted. Anything after "strange merch" is in order and at least 3 days old, if my name is on it as last poster it was a bump. I shouted out to Hakalugi when I did this and he responded "thanks for all the bumps" Hope this clears it up for everyone. 14:41:50
tikiskip: We need to build a big wall around TC, AND Mexico will pay for it! 12:46:23
JenTiki: I agree with the requirement to make an introductory post or email to an administrator to gain access to post on the boards. If my calculations are correct, TC has around 6,800 members with zero posts. I wonder how many of those are just sitting in wait to spam, and how many signed up, but just never contribute. 10:27:06
kkocka: ...and FML I think tikicoma your anti-spam is actually making hte problem worse because now I don't know what was simply your bumping vs somebody actually contributing. I guess spam is only natural on a vbb this old though = 09:55:27
kkocka: Maybe it's time to lock registration until the problem can be solved. 09:53:54
tikiskip: Slinven, onioni, marknitrocut, Tammyjuriyam, neyoaustin, jameshughes, abkidd, LittleGreenApples, All new spamers Pages 327 and 328.Man this is going to be a daily thing. 02:24:59
Atomic Tiki Punk: Instead of a Christmas tree each year, we had a Cthulhu Tree, but it kept strangling the children next door, whom were inexplicably drawn to it, so we had to move again.... Happy return of the ancient ones day! 00:56:07
tikicoma: At least spammer Forise is polite enough to only drop one spam bomb... so far. 00:09:35
ebtiki: What GROG really needs for Christmas is an elf who likes glazing mugs! 23:34:46
VampiressRN: Grog needs new keyboard for Xmas. 17:08:41
GROG: Sorry, that was supposed to be YETYERDAY. Misspelled the misspelled word. 08:29:04
GROG: Yeteryday--- damned fat fingers on small keyboard. 08:27:28
GROG: Probably heard on Spam Central that TC is easy target. 08:26:26
GROG: tephaniesofie spammed us the old fashioned way----joined yetyerday and only spammed us in General Tiki. 08:25:17
GROG: Holy crap. Tikicoma posted all over the place! To get rid of spam, GROG guessing. Gonna have to change your Screen name to TIKINOLONGERINACOMA. Thanks Hakalugi and Hanford for working so hard to spank some spammer ass. 00:20:05
tikicoma: new member Slinven looks like a spammer also. 22:56:54
tikicoma: looks like spam from rcartierwatches is coming up. 22:54:38
VampiressRN: Bummer. Maybe it's time to clean out the membership list too. Hang in there Hanford and Haka...we appreciate all your efforts. 19:36:59
El Jefe: Thanks Karl. 18:16:01
Hakalugi: Limbo Lizard, I'm not opposed to what you are suggesting. I've seen some websites where you have to send an email to the webmaster asking to join and explaining why before you're given a green light 17:52:24
Hakalugi: Yes I saw that too El Jefe. I've already sent a message to Hanford 17:49:01