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Tiki Central is a website, forum, and chat room used by people from all around the world to communicate about tiki.

Tiki Central was started by Jennifer Thompson and Hanford Lemoore as a Yahoo Club.

Tiki Central was moved to tikiroom.com in March of 2002.

Hanford Lemoore currently owns and operates Tiki Central and tikiroom.com. You can contact him through his contact page.

Tiki Central uses volunteer moderators to aid in the moderation of the forums.

The information contained in the Tiki Central forums is maintained by the Tiki Central users at large. Without their contributions, curiosity, and detective work Tiki Central would not be what it is today.

The website and forums are © 2000 - 2005 Hanford Lemoore. Parts of the Tiki Central forums use the phpBB bulletin board system, © 2000 - 2001 phpBB Group.


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