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When Hanford Lemoore isn't lounging out in the tiki room, you can find him posting and chatting in the following places:

TIKI CENTRAL The club of the Tiki gods. Tiki-related messages, Photos and face-to-face events from all over the world! Frequented by legends from the Tiki Scene! Now hosted by!

Be sure to check out these other inspired tikified places on the web:

TABOO! TIKI INDEX Check out this Yahoo!-inspired web index of Tiki sites.

TIKIMASTER Your one-stop source for all your tropical gear!

LOTTALIVING Mondern Architecture web forums and more!

TIKILAND Great exotic art, Trader Vic's Munich Photos, and pictures from one hell of a swinging Tiki pary!

CALIENTE TROPICS RESORT A fully restored 50's style polynesian resort, host to some amazing Tiki parties.

TAMBOO.COM Beautiful Bamboo Lounge site featuring cool drinks, lounge links, and a killer collection of Exotica/Lounge record covers.

TIKIFARM Incredible original tiki mugs, poles and more!

DON TIKI Beautiful, modern Exotica direct from Hawaii. Check out my review of them.

OCEANIC ARTS The largest supplier of tiki and tropical decor in the civilized world. Check out our virtual tour.

THE WORLD OF SHAG Home to Shag, the amazing lounge-scene artist.

TIKI OBJECTS BY BOSKO Craftsman of fine Tikiana.

THE TIKI BAR REVIEW PAGES Visiting and reviewing Tiki bars since 1994.

VEGAS VIC'S TIKI LOUNGE An Eclectic mix of Exotica, Surf, Spy, Space-Age Bachelor Pad Music, and New and Old Skool Lounge tracks.

RETROATHOME.COM Mid-Century Modern Home Furnishings, including an array of Tikiware.


Space-age, Retro, Swing, Googie, 50s art ... and beyond!

MONOLUX Hanford Lemoore's space-age video game company and the publishers of the puzzle game Rocknor's Bad Day.

MARY BLAIR ON THE WEB Tribute and bio of an incredible illustrator and aritst Mary Blair. Features pictures and photos of her work as well as Disneyland installations.

GOOGIE ARCHITECTURE ONLINE Incredible index and history of the classic 50's coffee shop architecture movement.

SPACE AGE POP A Detailed list of Space Age Bachelor Pad music, Exotica, and whole host of other great music.

JAVA'S BACHELOR PAD Space Age Music and more.


AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Please donate to help fight cancer of all types.


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