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Space-age Diversions: electronic entertainment in the form of games

Man cannot live on Tiki alone. While the confines of a great Tiki lounge provides all the necessary exotic atmosphere, there comes a time when one could use atmosphere of a different sort: the artificial atmosphere created by the electronic toils that Space-Age living has afforded us. That's right, we're talking video games. Here you'll find a nice selection of free space-age entertainment with a twist: they're all designed by our one-and-only host: Hanford Lemoore.

Donuts, puzzles, and Hover Technology

Free download (3.4mb) for Windows PC

Rocknor's Donut Factory is a clever puzzle game that combines Robots, Donuts, and Hover technology into a wild combination of conniving puzzles that takes creativity, experimentation, and good old-fashioned trial-and-error to solve. Game fans and critics alike have applauded Rocknor's Donut Factory for its focus on fun, addictive puzzle-solving without distractions and penalties. Check it out now for free!

2003 Puzzle Game Of The Year - DIYGames.com
10 out of 10 - gametunnel.com
5 stars out of 5 - indiegamer.com
One of the Top Shareware Games of 2003 - avault.com

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Puzzles, Exploration, and action

Free download (2.7mb) For Windows PC

Rocknor's Bad Day is the story of a robot stranded in a strange land looking to get home. But that's really just a theme for a clever puzzle and exploration game that mixes logic with action.

On each level you'll need to guide Rocknor to the exit by manipulating machines, unlocking doors, building bridges, and teleporting across the land. Rocknor's Bad Day has a healthy dose of space-age gadgetry that was only once a sparkle in Buckminster Fuller's eyes: Speedramps, Infomats, punchcards, Robotic lawnmowers, Transmats, and more.

Final Grade: A - justadventure.com
Final Grade: 90% - justrpg.com
7 out of 10 - gametunnel.com

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