Thanks to everyone who entered a drink! It was a swell time, mixing, tasting, and discussing everyone's original libations! Cheers to you all!

Aku Aku
By TikiBars
It is loosely based on the pisco sour recipe used all over south america (and on Easter Island), but extensively modified.

5 ounces Pisco Capel
4 ounces sour mix
3 ounces orange juice
1 ounce Triple Sec
1 ounce rock candy syrup
limes / pineapple chunks

After shaking, pour over crushed ice in Moai-shaped Tiki Mugs.
Squeeze 1/4 lime each into the Tiki Mugs, and drop the rind in. Add umbrella skewering pineapple chunk. Serves two or three.

I just call it a gringo-ized Pisco Sour, but I could easily see calling it an Aku Aku, or some other Easter Island influenced name...

Of course, Pisco Capel is not seen in many bars, so that is the one strike against this drink. But it's a start.

Atomic Tiki Mai Tai
By Cherry Capri

1 oz. Light Rum
1 oz. Gold Rum
1 oz. Dark Rum
1 oz. Orange Liqueur
3/4 oz. Grenadine
1 oz. Fresh Lime juice

Mix 1-2 oz. of this concoction with
3 oz. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice or Real Fruit Punch

Pour into an iced Tiki Mug

Serve with:

Colorful Bendie Straw
Sliced Orange
Pineapple Wedge
Paper Umbrella
AND Plastic Monkey Garnish

You are now Atomic Tiki powered!

Tiki Breezy
By Futura

A refreshing tropical cocktail that will blow you away!

3 oz. orange juice
1.5 oz dark rum
.5 oz. grenadine
dash of bitters
pinch of nutmeg
Finish with about 4 oz. lemon lime soda (7up, Sprite or other)

Stir and serve over the rocks in a tall 8 oz. Tiki mug.
Garnish with orange wedge, paper umbrella and straw.

For a less sweet version, skip the grenadine.
A non-alcoholic version of the Tiki Breezy, the "Tiki Tee" for teetotalers, is also very tasty. It's a lot more interesting and complex than a plain ole Shirley Temple.

The Tiki Torch
By Caber-Net

Juice of 1/2 lime.
1oz Light Rum
1oz Dark Rum
8 mint leaves
1 1/2 tsp simple sugar
2oz Orange Juice

Add lime juice, Rum, mint leaves and
muddle (crush with spoon or small baseball bat). Add sugar and a little ice. Shake and pour over crushed ice topping with OJ in official Tiki Central mug (designed by Tikifish).Garnish with flaming lime shell over an orange slice covering the top of the mug. Straw stuck throuh the orange slice.

Trader Woody's Drink
By Trader Woody

Well, this one's off the top of my head. Untried, unproven, but gets the basic idea from a Golden Colada.

2 oz dark rum
1 oz Amaretto
1 oz Pineapple Juice
1 OZ Orange Juice
Couple splashes of Lime juice

Serve over crushed ice.

Ok, I've tried this out and it seems to work. I used Appleton Estate VX for the rum, Disaronno for the ameretto, and the usual juices. Those who like a sweet drink, lessen your grip on the fresh lime. For those who like it sharp, please tighten your grip. I'd go for normal ice rather than crushed, and for those who want to see pink elephants sooner than later could do worse than to add an ounce of decent brandy.


The Jab's Knockout Punch
By TheJab

After much trial and error, and a few hangovers later, here's my entry:

1 1/2 oz. gold rum (Barbados rum preferred)
1/4 oz. creme de noyaux
1/2 oz. passion fruit syrup
1/2 oz. fresh lime juice
1 oz. fresh orange juice
1 oz. soda water

Shake with plenty of cracked ice. Strain into double old-fashioned glass or small tiki mug filled with crushed ice. Top with 1 oz. soda water. Garnish with pineapple chunk, orange slice, and cherry.

PiPhiRho's Drink
By PiPhiRho

OK, before it's too late here is my entry. This is the Kava based cocktail I have been working on for a couple of years. The Kava alone may disqualify it, as might ease of making it, but it's pretty exotic. This is the best mix I have come up with so far, although I do have variations. It is a mix of Fijian Kava and rums with passion fruit, banana and coconut flavors. All native flavors of the Fiji islands. I based it on the Zombie and I call it the Cannibal.

3 to 4 oz brewed Kava, sweetened with 1 oz Trader Vic’s Passion Fruit Syrup
1 oz white Rum (Cruzan Banana or coconut or both can be used to enhance the banana-coconut flavors, or just use a good white rum)
1 ½ oz Rhum Barbancourt (3-stat or 5-star)
½ oz Dark Rum (Meyer’s of Whaler’s)
2 oz Kern’s Banana-Pineapple nectar or After The Fall Banana Casablanca, or banana nectar (Looza, Pampryl or make it yourself)
1 oz strained coconut milk or Knudsen’s Coconut Nectar
½ oz Bols Bohemian Raspberry liqueur
151 Demerara float

Editor's Note: As we were unable to secure any Kava, and a suitable replacement for it was not viable, we were not able to try the drink.

The Reverb Crash
By Kick-the-Reverb

Ok -This is what I came up with:
(remember I wanted something that used a lot of grapefruit juice):

4 Oz Grapefruit Juice
1.5 Oz Passion Fruit Syrup
.75 Oz Fresh Lime Juice
.75 Spoon (Not Oz!!) Orgeat Syrup*
1 Oz Light Rum (Cuban or Virgin Island)
1 Oz Myers's Dark Jamaican Rum

Put in a shaker with half a cup of crushed ice, shake well and put in a Tiki mug - I guess a 14-16 Oz one , add crushed Ice to fill. Garnish with, eh- I dunno - half a grapefruit, ok, no - with a mint sprig.

* You can use more Orgeat if you want - it depends how strong the taste of the syrup is. The idea is to just feel a bit of it. I used Monin brand which is very strong.

The Voodoo Priest
By Kahukini

1-2 shots El Dorado Special Reserve rum
1 shot Triple Sec
.25 oz Orgeat
.25 oz Sweet & Sour mix
3 oz Pine-0range Banana Juice (Dole makes this)
Dash Trader Vic's Grenadine

Shake with ice, pour with ice into highball glass.

The unique complex flavor of the El Dorado Special Reserve permeates through the drink, so I think its important to use that brand, but I'd bet another dark rum would be tasty too.

Tiki Central Tonic
By InkyLouise

First, log on to Ebay and buy a vintage mug that you spend a just little too much money for…
(Be sure to pay extra for quick shipping…)

Receive mug and unwrap.

Pour ½ oz of Malibu rum into mug, swirl and dump in sink. Recite any verse from “cheeseburger in paradise” backwards to exercise any evil spirits from the mug. Add 1 oz light rum for some “Main discussion”
Invite 1 oz spiced rum for a spicy + sexy “Tiki Event,”

Curate 1 oz Ron Anejo Anniversario Reserva Exclusive 15 Year Old Rum from your vintage “Tiki Collection”

+ ½ oz Cointreau for something just “Beyond Tiki”.

I just realized I forgot to put the pineapple juice in the reciepe for the "T.C.T"(Tiki Central Tonic) Oh gosh! We were a bit out of it after trying so many mixes! Hic!

Shake with crushed ice and top with ginger ale for some "sparkling" conversation.

Garnish with a slice of lime for our sour disagreements, and a bright red cherry for our sweet group love…..
And you’ve just made a “Tiki Central Tonic”!

TraitorVic's Drink
By TraitorVic

Okee doke... Let's try this.
1.5 oz. Dark Rum
1.5 oz. Añejo Rum
1 oz. Coconut Cream
2 oz. Pineapple Juice
1 oz. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
1 cup Crushed Ice

Blend well. Pour into Tiki Mug. Garnish with Orange Slice, Pineapple Cube and Maraschino Cherry.

I deleted the Orange Bitters because it has come to my attention that those are difficult to come by in many locales.

I've tried several of the others (some more than once, now) and ALL are wonderful so far!

Coconut Milk (AKA White Hawaiian, AKA The Haole)
By Trader Rick

Alright, here is my recipe that is sure to lose because it contains Malbu Rum and does NOT contain anything fruity:

1 1/2 oz Malibu Rum (the horror)
1 1/2 oz milk
1 1/2 oz Kahlua (oh yeah, I guess Kahlua isn't cool in Tiki Central either, is it?)

Combine all ingredients over ice and stir. As you drink, feel oncoming sense of comfort and fear as you realize that you just drank something with Malibu Rum in it that you actually enjoyed. Next, see irony in thinking Jimmy Buffet is crap while at the same time thinking Martin Denny is some kind of genius. Realize it's all just music.

Well, this drink may not have that exact affect on you, but I would like to point out that the ingredients are easy to find and it is easy to make. In fact, I ordered it at the Bahooka. Not to mention I think it tastes good. Besides, it'll get you drunk (although probably not as quickly as the other recipes submitted) and isn't all that really matters?

Editor's Note: Some of the judges wondered if this wasn't already a published drink. We didn't disqualify it though.

Straw Hat
By MrTikiBar

1.5 oz Gold Barbados Rum
.5 oz peach schnapps
.5 oz creme de banana
.50 oz passion fruit syrup
2 oz orange juice
A good squeeze of fresh lime

Shake well with cracked ice. Pour into a chimney glass. Garnish with a slice of orange and cherry and a sprig of pineapple sage if available. (I grow it in my yard and can send some down.)

Laney's Drink
By Laney

It's simply:

a Captain Morgain / 7up with Creme de Almond

In a tiki mug it's "Tiki Blood" but any other time I like "Pirate's Blood" It's a pretty red color (would look great in a skull mug!) It's sweet like all of us here on TC, superduper easy to make and order in ANY bar (they all have Creme de Almond and Captain!) To sour it up you may add a dash of sweet & sour or lime but how listed it tastes like cotton candy. mmmmmmmmm!

By tiki Vixen

1 shot white rum. The stronger the better. Being an ignoramus, I say whatever you like, use it. Bacardi, whatever.

2 shots FRESH Tangerine Juice. I used Odwalla. I worship that stuff. You could, in a pinch, use oj, but then it would be a different drink.

1 teaspoon lime juice. Fresh, or Rose's. Whatever you've got on hand. If you are sober enough to go hunt up fresh limes, you have my blessing.

1 teaspoon Grand Marnier. Accept no substitutes.

dash grenadine. Not too much, ech. Shallow teaspoon at MOST.

dash bitters

Mix/shake/stir/whatever makes you happy with lots of ice. Strain, pour over some cracked ice. Float some DARK rum on top, yummm. I used Meyers.

You could garnish it with a cherry...what the hell. Oh, one last thought: I made a version with a teaspoon of brandy thrown in, less sweet, even stronger, very good. But this is fine.

I'll say one thing, it is efficient. I couldn't have written this sober.

This drink does need a faintly silly name, I suppose. Can't think of one at the moment. Tangeriki? Ow.

Grotto Fizz
By Martiki

In a cocktail shaker combine:
2 oz Myers's Rum
1/2 oz Simple Syrup
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
1 or 2 drops of natural vanilla
1 heaping teaspoon of Mele-Koi Coconut Snow
1/2 oz half and half
3/4 oz (approx) of egg white

Shake vigorously with ice for a minute or two and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lime twist on the rim of the glass. Perfect for brunch or anytime!

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