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On this day of Thursday, June 21, 2018
I acknowledge the following:

I am becoming a Grand Member because I want to help out Tiki Central, and see it continue in a meaningful direction.

I understand that as a Grand Member I take on a role as a representative of Tiki Central’s most dedicated members, and I will strive to represent Tiki Central in a positive, fun, and intelligent manner, so that others will be encouraged to become Grand Members.

I understand that as a Grand Member I’m an equal with regular members, and that I will not taunt or tease others about their membership standing or lack thereof.

I will treat all members of Tiki Central with respect, dignity, and politeness, even if they do not treat me or others that way.

I will not reveal the secrets kept within the Grand Ceremonial Forum of Mystery, and I will not hold my knowledge of Grand Forum secrets over the heads of others.

I understand that the key to keeping Tiki Central thriving is to contribute tiki information for everyone, and that I will not neglect the other forums in favor of the Grand Forum.

I understand that Grand Member is simply a title, and that the rights and benefits of a Grand Member can change at any time, and that no refunds will be given.

I realize that if I break these rules it is possible I will lose my Grand Member status without a refund, as decided by Tiki Central officials.

I realize that Grand Membership is a fun way to be acknoledged for donating to Tiki Central's coffers.


My Tiki Central Member Name:
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Now accept or reject the position of Tiki Central Grand Membership:
I disagree with the Code Of Conduct. I cannot be a Grand Member.
I accept the Code Of Conduct. I want to be a Grand Member.
I accept the Code Of Conduct, but I don't want to use Pay Pal. Click here to use Credit Card (courtesy Monolux).





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