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Hanford Lemoore & Shag present

a special offer exclusively for

Tiki Central Grand Members

Sven, Author of the Book of Tiki; Leroy, legendary Tiki carver from Oceanic Arts; Shag, Modern Tiki artist; Otto, publisher of Tiki News and master of Tiki Oasis

4 modern tiki legends, 4 prints
limited edition of 200 sets

Sven, author of the Book of Tiki
, legendary Tiki carver from Oceanic Arts
, modern Tiki artist
, publisher of Tiki News and master of Tiki Oasis

New art by Shag

Remaining sets are on sale now!
for all Grand Members

Aloha members,

We all know that Shag is one of the most popular and sought-after cocktail culture artists today. And we also that know along with him, Sven, Otto, & Leroy are rightful legends in modern Tiki. So I'm very pleased to announce that Tiki Central is offering a set of Shag prints that I'm calling Four Modern Tiki Legends for an unbelievably low price.

Shag came to me with the idea of offering four prints exclusively to Grand Members and I immediately jumped at the opportunity. Not just because of the amazing artwork, but at the incredible price and availability. Shag and I agreed that we wanted to offer something to the supporting members of Tiki Central that was truly a collector's item, and a good deal. Sven, Otto, and Leroy concurred with the plan, and before you know it, Shag went to work and the amazing offer you are now reading was put together.

I'm offering four Shag prints of likenesses that will appeal to the true
modern-day tiki collectors. These are 5-color hand-pulled prints. Signed and numbered by the artist himself. The prints are of the same quality and production value as Shag's "public" prints. But these prints are not available anywhere else. And they are being offered only to Tiki Central Grand Members at twenty dollars a print.

The set run is limited to 200, and roughly 75 were sold in our Initial Offering, which was only available to early Grand Members. Now we're opening up the window to offer this amazing deal to all Grand Members. The remaining prints will sell out!




The Tiki Quartet
Set of four 5-color hand-pulled Serigraphs. Limited edition run of 200 sets.

Numbered and signed by the artist.
6" x 10" each.


$80 for the whole set
+$10 US shipping

limit:   1 set per Grand Member/address.
Who & When:  

ON SALE now!
For all Grand Members

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A special tip of the fez goes to Sven, Otto, and Leroy for their blessings!











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