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So here are the winners! All the entries were great, but these drinks just shined!

The Jab’s Knockout Punch
by TheJab

1 1/2 oz. gold rum (Barbados rum preferred)
1/4 oz. creme de noyaux
1/2 oz. passion fruit syrup
1/2 oz. fresh lime juice
1 oz. fresh orange juice
1 oz. soda water
Shake with plenty of cracked ice. Strain into double old-fashioned glass or small tiki mug filled with crushed ice. Top with 1 oz. soda water. Garnish with pineapple chunk, orange slice, and cherry.

Prizes awarded: Java 2-Faced Tiki Coffee Mug
courtesy of Tiki Farm
and an exotic Tiki pendant courtesy of Tiki Freaks.

Everyone enjoyed this drink. Although TheJab was a judge, he abstained from drinking, and his name was not announced prior to the judging.


Weird Uncle Tiki: Pleasant and distinct layers, really nice complexity to it. Flavors came together in the finish and dissipated cleanly. That drink was really brought together well. The flavors melded together, yet still there were distinct and discernable layers.

Hanford: Very tart. Nice.

Robin: I like the fact that Crème de Noneux was used in a balanced way.

Mig: A fine, fine drink.

The Tiki Torch
Entered by Caber-net

Juice of 1/2 lime
1oz Light Rum
1oz Dark Rum
8 mint leaves
1 1/2 tsp simple sugar
2oz OJ
Add lime juice, Rum, mint leaves and muddle (crush with spoon or small baseball bat). Add sugar and a little ice. Shake and pour over crushed ice topping with OJ in official TC mug(designed by Tikifish).Garnish with flaming lime shell over an orange slice covering the top of the mug. Straw stuck through the orange slice.

Prizes awarded: Java 2-Faced Tiki Coffee Mug
courtesy of Tiki Farm
and an exotic Tiki pendant courtesy of Tiki Freaks.

The entire room was impressed with this drink! Although we were only "tasting", most everyone polished theirs off. We all knew right away this was a contender.


Weird Uncle Tiki: The orange juice is really textural.

Hanford: What a great taste. The mint is wonderful.

of the Tiki Central Official Drink Contest

The Reverb Crash
Entered by Kick-The-Reverb

4 Oz Grapefruit Juice
1.5 Oz Passion Fruit Syrup
.75 Oz Fresh Lime Juice
.75 Spoon (Not Oz!!) Orgeat Syrup*
1 Oz Light Rum (Cuban or Virgin Island)
1 Oz Myers's Dark Jamaican Rum

Put in a shaker with half a cup of crushed ice, shake well and put in a Tiki mug - I guess a 14-16 Oz one , add crushed Ice to fill. Garnish with, eh- I dunno - half a grapefruit, ok, no - with a mint sprig.

* You can use more Orgeat if you want - it depends how strong the taste of the syrup is. The idea is to just feel a bit of it. I used Monin brand which is very strong.

Prizes awarded:
"Lakanuki" print Drew Brophy (11" x 14" framed and matted)
courtesy of Drew Brophy

ava 2-Faced Tiki Coffee Mug
courtesy of Tiki Farm

An an exotic Tiki pendant courtesy of Tiki Freaks.

This drink floored everyone, both figuratively and literally. I think the room knew immediately we had just tasted the winner, or close to it. We were right. The Grapefruit is a favorite of many, but not used in drinks too often, esp. Tiki drinks.


Dean: The ingredients are pretty creative

I’m not a grapefruit fan, but this is an incredibly well-rounded drink. The lime takes the edge off of the grapefruit.

Mig: hey, um, I spilled mine. Can I have more?


DREW BROPHY generously provided a framed and matter print of his work titled "Laka Nuki". Visit Drew's website to see all his great art at www.drewbrophy.com

A JAVA TIKI MUG From Tiki Farm, modern keepers of the Tiki Mug flame! Visit their site today!

An exotic TIKI PENDANT from Tiki Freaks, outfitters of all things Tiki! Check out their great selection of Tiki Stuff!



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The drink contest started off with a simple challenge from Mr. Lemoore, but we got such a great turnout that we felt it was important that the winners were reconized with something special. The following companies generously dontated their Tiki wares to help keep the spirit alive! Hanford thanks them profusely!

Drew Brophy - Fine prints of Exotic Artist
Tiki Farm -
Makers of great Tiki Barware
Tiki Freaks -
Your one stop shop for all things Tiki!

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