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Welcome to the only official Tiki Central event!

Tiki Central is calling you to come join in the biggest Tiki Bar Crawl in the world!  Four days, eleven bars, and plenty of amazing cocktails, and as always:
no admission fees. The Tiki Crawl has always been free!

Savor the world of tiki with visits to Bay Area bars and restaurants both new and legendary.  Celebrate the rich history of tiki in the Bay Area and the impact it's had for over 70 years.  Make your plans today to join in an exciting four-day weekend of great friends, cool drinks, and hot tiki in the inviting summer bay tradewinds. 

Here's how it plays out:

July 9th

San Francisco Tiki Bars, including Tonga Room, and two more!

July 10th

Palo Alto & San Jose Tiki Bars, including Trader Vic's, and a Tiki Central member's must-see home bar!

July 11th

The Main Event!
ncluding Forbidden Island & Trader Vic's, Conga Lounge, and Kona Club

July 12th

Lunch at Tiki Tom's, then unwind outdoors at Forbidden Island with food, drinks, and Play-Doh!

Exact locations and times are coming; sign up for more details

For some legs of the crawl we provide transportation via the Tiki Crawl Bus. Tickets are limited and go fast. We're gauging interest in bus seats this year so if you're interested please sign up for Bus Tickets. No money is needed at this time. For those not interested in the bus, the Tiki Crawl schedule will be posted soon for your personal use.

First time on the crawl? Coming from out of town? This is for you. The Tiki Crawl is not like other tiki events -- it has no central location. Each day we travel to a different part of the Bay Area. We strongly recommend the Tiki Bus for this; but please keep in mind there are some days in which we don't provide transportation.

Lodging: We don't have a central location; but our busses will be picking up and dropping off in the East Bay.

Thursday: Our San Francisco crawl typically starts out around 3:00pm at a historic, but rather divey bar. It's not exactly a highlight on anyone's list, but we visit it for historic significance, not as much for the drinks or decor. If this is a travel day, a work day, or if you want to see other things in SF do not feel bad about skipping it. You will not want to miss the Tonga Room, which is typically our second stop.

Sunday: Sunday is location at a bar that we've already visited on Saturday. It's a lot of fun, but definitely low-key and if you're looking for a travel day or a day to check out non-tiki stuff, Sunday is good.



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