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Bus Tickets Go On Sale June 15
[added June 12] Bus Tickets for both Friday and Saturday go on salw June 15th at 7pm sharp. Be sure to buy tickets as soon as they go on sale, since they tend to sell out very quickly. Sales will occur online only via Paypal on the Bus Page.

Official Tiki Crawl Mug Revealed
[added June 12]
This year Tiki Central's own Notch has another amazing mug for us. Sculpted, poured, and fired at Notch's own shop, this mug is going to be an instant classic, and only on sale on the Tiki Crawl Saturday. It reads "Tiki Central's Tiki Crawl 9" on the back, and is limited to about 100 or so. Check out bigger photos on Tiki Central!

Big Crawl News: South Bay takes over Friday night
[added April 20]
Last Year's South Bay night was the surprise hit of the Crawl, starting with great food at Smoke Tiki and finishing off the night at Palo Alto Trader Vic's, where we took over their Mai Tai lounge and listened to the hypnotic sounds of Project: Pimento.

This year we've switched San Francisco with the South Bay so even more revelers can make out and see what the South Bay has to offer. This year we've got a special never-before-seen surprise for South Bay crawlers, and while we can't lift the lid off it quite yet, if you sign up on the mailing list you'll be sure to know about it when it's announced.


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