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What Is Tiki Central?

Quite simply, Tiki Central is the largest collection of Tiki enthusiasts on the web -- and probably anywhere! Tiki Central is a newspost for the latest Tiki news, a meeting place for Tiki people, an UberAlbum for Tiki Photos, and Calendar Of Events for the greatest Tiki Lounge parties in the world. Tiki Central is the best resource for:

  • Tiki Events parties, tiki bar openings, tiki bar closings
  • Tiki Bars new and old are discovered and discussed all the time
  • Tiki Findings Mugs, carving, poles, and other artifacts
  • Tiki Drinks, both classic and new
  • Tiki Craftwork via tips and techniques from our resident Tiki artisans
  • Tiki History such as the legendardly location, mixologists, and carvers
  • Tiki Music Martin Denny, Arthy Lyman, Les Baxter, and more
Who Runs Tiki Central?
Tiki Central is owned and operated by Hanford Lemoore, but the real credit goes to the many users who contribute to Tiki Central through their writings, photos, questions, and humor.
How much does it cost?

In The vast majority of Tiki Central is completely free. However, we offer a completely optional Grand Membership to those who want to donate to the cause of keeping Tiki Central up and running.

So what are you waiting for? Enter the Tiki Central Forums and see what we have to offer!




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