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IF YOU DIG the Sounds Of Tomorrow, then check out Combustible Edison. They brought the Sounds of Tomorrow into Today.

Simply put, Combustible Edison is a modern-day Lounge band who has faithfully recreated the sounds of the 50s and 60s. Their debut album, I, SWINGER covers a wide variety of lounge music, including Exotica, space-age pop, some great covers, beautiful vocals, and a few other surprises as well. It has a pretty authentic sound to it, fitting in quite nicely with authentic 60s lounge music. It appears to use a lot of the same instruments, recording techniques, and musical styles of the original space-age scene.

Two years later, Combustible Edison turned up on the FOUR ROOMS soundtrack, producing the original score for the movie. The sound was definitely inspired by Esquivel's music, and uses an amazingly large collection of instruments, sounds, and musical styles in the process. The only downside is that, as move scores go, it was written for the film, and thus many of the tracks are quite short. Still, the music is very fine.

Their second full album, SCHIZOPHONIC! continued the sound, but progressed it, adding electronic sound effects and synths to mix. With this release, Combustible Edison really started to show that they were moving out of emulation mode and into defining their own style. My favorite track is Solid State, which is a perfect blend of newfangled electronic gimmickry and classic Bertolt-Brecht-inspired kitsch.

In 1998 Combustible Edison released THE IMPOSSIBLE WORLD On this one, Combustible Edison has all but shed their space-age roots, instead delivering a heavy electronic sound closer to today's dance music. The intriguing thing about it is that it is still unmistakably Lounge. While it might seem a world apart from I, Swinger, The Impossible World CD can be put on shuffle along with their other discs and provide an amazingly listenable, seamless experience.

Combustible Edison has to be my favorite band still around today*. They pay homage to the forefathers of lounge while still creating a sound that is uniquely their own. I definitely recommend I, Swinger as a great introductory for anyone who loves lounge music.

Buy "I, Swinger"
Buy "Schizophonic!"
Buy "The Impossible World"
Buy "Four Rooms"

If you dig Combustible Edison, check out Miss Daphne's fan site You, Swinger! Tell her Hanford sent you!

UPDATE added 05/12/2001
I've heard through the grapevine that the incredible sounds of Combustible Edison are no more. About halfway through their Impossible World tour, the band decided to call it quits.

I like to think my ear is low to the ground, but I'm sorry I didn't hear about this sooner. This is a band I listen to and love dearly, and I feel somewhat out-of-the-loop to think that I completely missed news of their departure.

Still, for the people who are reading about Combustible Edison for the first time here, this doesn't discredit their music at all. They will go down in history for the music they made, and the time period they made it in.

Anyway, to all the members of Combustible Edison: Thanks for leaving your mark on great music. -- Hanford







What can only be called Sad News regarding Combustible Edison


If you dig Combustible Edison, check out Miss Daphne's fan site You, Swinger! Tell her Hanford sent you!


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