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The following selections haven't received my full review yet, but I'm listing them here along with a short description to help Exotica enthusiasts track down as much Exotica as they can. Oh, and if you ever find any Exotica tracks that aren't on this list, let me know.

Combustible Edison
I, Swinger &
Combustible Edison's debut CD I, Swinger contains a very Denny-esque track called The Veldt. Their second CD Schizophonic! includes a great, mellow Exotica track called One Eyed Money, featuring mellow vibes, a classic exotica bass line, and the ocassional bird and monkey call.

Check out's Combustible Edison page for more information on this amazing band. Check out I, Swinger

Orienta/Tropical Serenade
This single CD, which was came out during the huge Lounge craze of the mid 90s, contains 2 albums of Exotica music, each by a different artist. Nothing outstanding per-se but still great to have in your collection.

Pee Wee's Playhouse Theme
The first 30 seconds or so of Pee Wee's Playhouse contains a soothing tropical soundtrack, sounding a lot like the Quiet Village. Once it goes into the Playhouse though it gets off-the-deep-end. Still, this is an incredible nod to a long-lost genre by Pee Wee's people. There were plenty of hipsters on the Playhouse staff that paid big attention to the great things that retro had to offer, and this was just one of them. Check out the Pee Wee's Playhouse video collection.

Esquivel's See It In Sound
This recently-unearthed Esquivel album has a few exotic-sounding tracks. The CD features music with early attempts at you-are-there recording to take the listener to another place. Although none of are typical Exotica, the disc has a few trips off of the paved road and out into the forgotten. Check out Similau in particular. Check out See It in Sound.

Capitol's Ultra-Lounge series
In addition to Mondo Exotica this series has a few other exotic tracks scattered across their other 17 volumes. Look for "Honorable Hong Kong Rock", among others.

Jungle Exotica volumes 1 thru 3
I'm listing these here only so I can tell you these are not Exotica CDs. They are 60s rock-n-roll that might have been influnaced by the Exotica wave. Very hep music in its own right, but not Exotica.

The Exotic Trilogy Volumes I and II (and more?)

The Exotic Trilogy CDs are Exotica compliations featuring, well, the same three songs over and over and over. Quiet Village, Taboo, and Caravan are covered again and again on the disc, each time by a different artist. The disc is mostly startforward versions of the songs taken from back when they were popular. The discs are complied by The KBZ 2000, a performace group who tracks down as many different versions of these songs as possible. The Exotic Trilogy volume I says "volumes II - VI coming soon", but I've not been able to find 3 - 6, so I'm not sure if they've ever been released. Added 05/13/2001




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