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About The Tiki Central Grand Membership

Tiki Central is (dare I say it?) the world's largest Tiki Site. We've got:

  • 12,000+ members
  • 500,000+ messages
  • 195,000+ photos

We have over The forums take up more space and bandwidth than ever before, and it is getting harder and more time consuming to maintain.

In order to tackle these issues in a fun way, in 2004 I launched the Grand Membership. Rest assured that Tiki Central as you know it will continue to remain free to all. But the Grand Membership gives members a way to donate to the cause and also get some fun extras in return.

Membership Privileges

As a Grand Member, you'll get some extras:

    1. The satisfaction that you're helping Tiki Central stay up & running.
    2. Your member account will be designated as a Grand Member and displayed as such on every one of your posts, showing your commitment to everyone who reads Tiki Central.
    3. Your member name will be entered into the Grand Membership Public Register as a matter of record.
    4. You’ll gain read-and-write access to the Grand Ceremonial Forum of Mystery, an otherwise off-limits forum specifically for Grand Members (requires cookies to be enabled).
    5. Occasionally special deals are offered exclusively to Tiki Central Grand Members, such as our Limited Edition Artwork by Shag.
Membership Fees

$2.00 a month, paid in 1 year blocks. ($24.00 a year).

Dues are processed through PayPal. There will be no refunds for any reason once your membership is granted.

To become a Grand Member, you must take the first step:

Become a Grand Member:
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