While we were visiting Oceanic Arts, Jon Tiki and I never told Bob that I run tikiroom.com, or that the photos I was taking would make it on the site. I think I was just too wrapped up in the moment, and a little bit humbled by the legacy of the place, and in the grand scheme of all things Tiki I didn't think my site really had any significance. However, after I posted the OA section here I emailed them to let them know about the site.

On January 15th I received an email from Bob of Oceanic Arts complementing me on my site. He also gave much insight to the speculation I had regarding some of the items I had photographed. I've updated the pages he's commented on, and created an index here:

EXOTIC WEAPONS Bob comments on the authenticity of the weapons.
EXPEDITION PHOTOGRAPH Bob gives details of the time period and location of the photo.
POLYNESIAN SIGN Bob confirms its Disneyland origins.



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