1 The Car Wash
2 Entrance
3 Easter Island Pole
4 Misc. Stuff
5 Tiki Bowls
6 Ship's Wheel
7 Exotic Weapons
8 Ship rigging
9 Tiki Statue Display
10 Fish Netting
11 Big Tiki Statues
12 Even Bigger Tikis
13 Economy Tikis
14 Tiki Hut
16 Voodoo Poles
17 Tiki Wall Hangings
18 Masks On The Hut
19 More Tikis
20 Ceiling Hangings
21 More Voodoo
22 Authentic Tiki Pole
23 Polynesian Sign
24 Info and Images

At this point Bob comes over to us and lets us know... that since they have a client looking at bamboo that they're going to keep the place open; so we can look around a little more.

We thanked him for doing so, and Bob asked us where we were from. When we told him San Francisco he started to reminisce. He told us he had outfitted a lot of the old bars and restaurants in SF over the years, including the Tonga room.

Here's a shot of some of the more nautical decor Oceanic Arts has. Before the Tonga room was full-on tiki it was known as the U.S.S. Tonga and was decorated like a ship. While I didn't ask Bob about it, I'm guessing they outfitted the Tonga room with both it's ship decor and its tiki decor.


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